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Shawn Crawford footwear


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  • Shawn Crawford footwear

    What's the deal with Shawn Crawford wearing 2 different spikes in the Olympic rounds of the 200m? Curve running? Anyone know?

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    Re: Shawn Crawford footwear

    if that is true, that is superb team-thinking !

    different length spikes would mean he "hugged" the curve better & enable him to run it harder without sliding outwards (longer spikes on the L shoe ) & of course without wasting valuable energy

    his team would of course need to ensure the difference in spike length isn't excessively disparate, otherwise he could lose that advantage on the stretch-drive by veering to much to the L

    anyhows, i'm impressed with such "rocket science" application to the problem !


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      Re: Shawn Crawford footwear

      do you mean he changed shoes between rounds, or that he had one kind of shoe on one foot and another on the other?


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        Re: Shawn Crawford footwear

        he had one kind of shoe on one foot, and a different kind on the other


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          Re: Shawn Crawford footwear

          I doubt Crawford is quite that ingenious.

          They were exactly the same make of spike - they were just different colours (like how most trainers and running shoes are avilable in different shades).


 ... 2549&cdi=0

 ... 2554&cdi=0

          Notice he did exactly the same in the 100m, so I highly doubt that they were to help him run the bends better:

 ... 5946&cdi=0

          They were nothing more than a gimmick - just like his backwards cap on the first day.


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            Re: Shawn Crawford footwear

            ah ha, never really analyzed any pictures of them. At first I thought the white shoe was an old zoom ventulus (5000m spike), so I thought that was kind of awkward. Thanks for the clarification.


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              Re: Shawn Crawford footwear


              i'm sure the NIKE boyz will get out tailored shoes to their poster boyz in the near future


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                Re: Shawn Crawford footwear

                I believe Crawford was wearing the new NIKE Monsterfly, which are a cross of NIKE Shox and Spikes.

       ... &mvp=sport