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Runners World is terrible!!!!!!!!!!


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    Re: Runners World is terrible!!!!!!!!!!

    >That's a pretty
    >weak defense. "Yeah, I know most of it sucks,
    >but every once in a while there is something in
    >it that's decent, so since it's cheap, I can look
    >for the occasional good stuff." Wow, you could
    >be their marketing director with an endorsement
    >like that!

    There is actually nothing wrong with that defence. You could make the same comment about books, movies, TV and music. Most of it is crap but some of it is high art.


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      Re: Runners World is terrible!!!!!!!!!!

      Quoth DF:

      >Trust me, Mr. huh? I love the lists. But
      >there was a time years ago where it took even me
      >a while to know all of the abbreviations and
      >asterisks. Sometimes, T&FN would have those on
      >some other page, confusing a reader big time.>

      Well, I'd ** just DD like to XX say that MO<JK when my men at Fatnews do their RSE that any ##$ moron shoud be ## able to follow DEDD the $%%%%.

      How can you fight that kind of logic?

      ps--twas brillig, and all the slithy toves did gimble and gyre in the wabe; all mimsy were the borogroves, and the momeraths outrabe.

      or something like that.


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        Re: Runners World is terrible!!!!!!!!!!

        Lewis, you old perve; still lusting after little Alice?


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          Re: Runners World is terrible!!!!!!!!!!

          I didn't realize that I had to justify my defense of Runner's World to you, "Generic Poster". Like many other things in life, you have to search a little to find the best amongst the ordinary (or worse).

          Is there a particular reason you felt you had to add the sarcasm at the end of your post or do you just generally have an inability to disagree with people without being nasty?
          Joe Lanzalotto


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            Re: Runners World is terrible!!!!!!!!!!

            It's cool, man. I realize that I am far to generic for most people's taste.