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World CC televised in US?


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    Re: World CC televised in US?

    if you've been to the World xc recently you'd realise that the IAAF has clearly no interest in marketing the meet or encouraging people to see it's generally the best-kept secret in town

    but i'm interested in how you fake out the BBC's UK 'subscribers" only..i seem to miss a lot of stuff that way in the US
    i remember that there is a choice at some point in time in signing up for the service which asks whether one is UK-based or not.


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      Re: World CC televised in US?

      Thanks for the clarity Gary. It's often hard to tell with email/message boards/etc..


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        Re: World CC televised in US?

        The big problem is the IAAF takes 100% of the
        >profits and owns 100% of the video rights to every single IAAF event and will
        >not allow the host organization, LOC or Federation to make a single dime on
        >broadcasting any IAAF Championship event. All broadcast advertising goes to
        >the IAAF too and must be approved by them.

        Then why does anyone broadcast the events if there is no money to be made? This cannot be true, or we would not see the World T&F meet in the US. The major networks would not broadcast it if there was no money to be made.


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          Re: World CC televised in US?

          For World events, in most countries their boradcast on state subsidized networks (CBC, BBC, etc). I believe that in the US, Worlds 2003 was carried on ESPN only because of the dollars adidas spent in sponsoring the broadcast.


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            Re: World CC televised in US?

            April 16th-1 hour-CBC.


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              Re: World CC televised in US?

              ><<Gary - ever thought of offering fee-based web-coverage of Euro
              >meets via
              >your site?>>

              Yes. And we also thought about buying the Empire State Building
              >and we didn't think either would fly.
              Listen up you Ink Stained Wretches...........
              Rockefeller Drug Laws are too harsh to free-base in NY and the ESB was built to stay in one place unlike the buildings on your coast that are built to drop into the ocean when St. Andreas foot faults(emotocon here)
              Tom Hyland:
              "squack and wineturtle get it"


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                Re: World CC televised in US?

                >April 16th-1 hour-CBC.

                Come, you've got to be shittin' us! Must have been in the Pope's will or something.

                edit: Oops. I read CBS instead of CBC. So much for the Vatican's influence on US TV programming.