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Humboldt TracK Program Needs Help


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  • Humboldt TracK Program Needs Help

    The above link is HSU's official announcement of the administration's intention to strip the Track & Field program down to only distance events. There will be no sprints, throws, jumps, nor vaults. Any athletes that were recruited to come here to compete in those events or that have been given scholarships in those events, will not be allowed to participate on the team. Having only distance runners is not like any track and field team like I've ever heard of. That's like sending a football team onto the field with only linemen or a basketball team with only three players on the court. Those scenarios, would never happen, of course. Just as a track and field team made up solely of distance runners shouldn't be fielded, either. It seems that the administration's view is that we should feel lucky that they are even allowing us to continue to have a team. This is an athletic program that has been, by far, the most successful throughout 80-plus year history of Humboldt State, producing dozens and dozens of All-American athletes, conference titles, and bringing national renown to HSU. The program is also, by comparison to the other sports on campus, inexpensive to operate. The university contends that proposed cuts in the State budgets have forced them to this decision. It is clear to me that the Track & Field program is being forced to bear an undue burden, in comparison to the cuts being imposed to other programs. I believe that a better solution can be found.

    I am asking that you take five minutes and send a quick email to the VP of Student Affairs, Steven Butler, whom oversees the Athletic Department, and CC: President Rollin Richmond. The President has the authority to overturn the decision to drop much of the Track & Field team, so it's important that he know how people feel. You can include whatever you like in your message, but I would try to state that you are a supporter of the HSU Track & Field program and that you are dismayed by the decision to cut over half of the team. Please ask them to reconsider their decision and to find another method of balancing their budget.

    Steven Butler's email address: [email protected]

    Rollin Richmond's email address to cc: [email protected]

    Again, please, if you could take five minutes, right now, and generate a short email on behalf of the Track & Field program, it would be great. We would like to have an incoming flow of emails to the administration to show that there is support for the team and that their decision should be reconsidered.

    Thank you.

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    Re: Humboldt TracK Program Needs Help

    Sign the recall petition for Gray Davis, that would probably have more impact.


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      Re: Humboldt TracK Program Needs Help

      >only distance runners is not like any track and
      >field team like I've ever heard of.

      When you get a spare moment, check out what's going on down the road in Palo Alto or over at Colorado.


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        Re: Humboldt TracK Program Needs Help

        I am a former member of the Humboldt State Track & Field Team and was inducted to HSU Sports Hall of Fame in 1984. Please send me your information as I wish to reply to the Athletic Director on this issue, but do not want to do so without knowledge of who this message came. I will be discrete and not mention your name, but need to know who I am talking... Thanks, Bill Scobey