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Weight work outs for track and field


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  • Weight work outs for track and field

    Anybody know where I can get workout information for weights(sets and reps) for T&F ? I came from powerlifting and know it is too slow and not explosive enough to be used for T&F. I can do the olympic lifts. Would like to know how often to lift. I used to cycle weights by percentage to peak at meets. I assume this still applies to T&F. Let me know. Thanks.

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    Re: Weight work outs for track and field

    Periodization is probably your best bet. I lift three times a week (M-W-F) and train core/stability and plyometric work twice to three times a week (t-th-s?). I am pretty happy with it.
    Not sure where you could find specific/ reliable weight programs, it'll probably very from event to event.


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      Re: Weight work outs for track and field

      I found some workouts in The Complete Book of Throws by Jay Silvester. They look good, I may have to lay off the leg work some so I can still run sprints.


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        Re: Weight work outs for track and field

        I don't recall exactly which events you were training for besides the shot, but the following are excellent sources for intelligent strength training guidance:
        "Supertraining" by Mel Siff PhD
        "Programming and Organization of Training"
        "Fundamentals of Strength-Training in Sport"
        Both By Y.V. Verkhoshansky
        "High Power Plyometrics" by J. C. Radcliffe
        These books are major resources for any one that whats to include strength training in their training, they will take a considerable period of time to digest.
        When starting to include plyometrics, take it slow and let your body adjust to the high loads inherent in the activity.
        If you want further information about increasing flexibility without stretching, write me off the forum.

        Ken Largent


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          Re: Weight work outs for track and field

          One workout in "The Complete Book of Throws" is that of Niklaus Arrhenius (forgot how to spell it).
          That is a great basic program for any thrower, And I am sure it would be affective for a sprinter as well, you may have to adjust it slightly to cater to you sprint workouts.
          Also, there are a few people who are naturally fast and lifting may negatively affect them but most peoples speed is improved through squatting and doing legs. I personally recomend training with weights for speed.