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    Sorry to be annoying about my LA MARATHON yesterday, but the coolest thing, im running along and i hear this music coming up from behind me. Suddenly I see these three Elvis's pushing this cart blaring "suspicious minds!" I quickly ran along side them. It was awesome, we were all running to suspicious minds following these guys (who were booking!)....great moment.

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    Re: Running Elvis

    Watching Marathons has become a major sport in cities that host big runs and with that audience comes people that play to the crowd. I enjoy the people who go out and have fun(????) while they challange the distance.
    Records are for the front of the pack ,the experience is what makes 35 odd thousand regular folks come out and take part.
    Glad you found a smile on your run!
    Congrats,and the soreness does go away just don't plan visits to you friend in that fifth floor walk up!
    Tom Hyland:
    "squack and wineturtle get it"