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  • Banked V Unbanked

    well, you can make a stab at it & get some sort of an estimate

    in return, people will have to do some homework & find all the major banked & unbanked tracks in the world

    now, rather than waffling on about angle of bank, let's just assume the maximum height of lane 6 above the flat ( if you do find the angle of the bank, relative to the inner lane ( NOT along the lane ), the height is just:

    sine angle * (1.22 * 5)

    ( each lane is 1.22m( it is outdoors !) & assuming that lane 1 ( 20cm from edge is race distance measure ) is 0m elevation ))

    interestingly, on the Big Guy'z site, he said the angle is upto 18 degrees, which gives ~ 1.9m)

    anyhows, we'll just assume it ranges from 1 - 2m

    i tried just a simple energy consideration method to get an estimate ( don't know how good it is, but it's a start )

    well, when a guy runs on a bank ( assuming starting at it's peak, halfway round it, which i suggested is the case in another post ), he starts at the highest point & during the course of the race, he will drop from that ht. to zero level, acquiring PE which will increase his KE compared to the flat

    now PE = mgh

    & KE = 0.5mv^2

    (we can ignore mass from now one as it will cancel out )

    the equation you get is

    0.5V^2 = (gh) + (0.5v^2)

    where V is actual speed in banked race, assuming lane 6 & v is theoretical speed on unbanked track

    i won't bore you with the workings, but it boils down to,

    for a 200m race:

    t = (40,000 T) / ( 40,000 - (2ghT))

    where t is theoretical time on unbanked track in lane 6 & T is actual time run on the banked track

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    Re: Banked V Unbanked

    Again (as in the other thread), I think that the first lane is measured from 30 cm in, not 20, although if you then shift the reference point that would fix it. However, I would think that the inside curb would have to be flat, so that you would have the 5 x 122 + 30, or 640 cm in from "ground zero", and a little more elevation rise.

    A question: Is there some advantage to having the downhill occur at the beginning because the less time gets spent in the slowest pace?. When you are going flat out, the wind resistance which is proportional to speed^2 would reduce the advantage just a little, but not at the slow speed of the start.


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      Re: Banked V Unbanked

      i just put the formula down for 200m as no-one wants to read the rest:

      t = (40,000 T) / ( 40,000 - (2ghT))


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        Re: Banked V Unbanked

        I am the only one with a physics background who is getting aroused right now?


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          Re: Banked V Unbanked

          2 + 2 = 4

          I'm LOST


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            Re: Banked V Unbanked

            >I am the only one with a physics background who is getting aroused right now?<

            it's high school physics - a bright 16y old should be able to derive it


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              Re: Banked V Unbanked

              for 400m, from lane 6, the formula is:

              t = (160,000 T) / ( 160,000 - (2ghT))


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                Re: Banked V Unbanked

                of probable more importance is the relative difference the banking provides between lanes 6,5,4,3,2,1

                those are tedious calculations, requring working out exactly where on the bank each guy starts - maybe in a few days i'll have time to have a crack at it

                unfortunately,working out the centripetal forces involved between the lanes is beyond me - you need the Big Guy to do that


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                  Re: Banked V Unbanked

                  you mean god? i guess he/she would know but probably doesnt care.


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                    Re: Banked V Unbanked

                    >you mean god?<

                    no, the guy who stole tom selleck's favorite shirt, for the main pic on his early-days site