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    what is the age for runners in the world youth championships,

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    Re: youth championsips

    15 to 17 years of age, unless you're East African, then it doesn't matter, you can be 25. Look at the pictures of some of their "juniors".


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      Re: youth championsips

      >what is the age for runners in the world youth

      They must be no older than 17 at the end of the year. That is to say, this year`s WYC are limited to athletes born in 1986 or later.


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        Nike TV ad: Myzel Robinson, cocky but confident

        re: "cocky" but impressively confident Black youth in Nike TV ad

        Myzel : trackman at Lynwood High School (in LA suburb)...? Maybe.

        Hi All,

        By chance, I did a search on "Myzel Robinson" using the
        Lycos search engine ( and may have
        stumbled upon something interesting. (Perhaps someone
        else has already reported this.)

        At the following site, the results are posted of a "Myzel Robinson" for the 5K "Run for the Future":
        (click on EDIT and do a "Find on this Page" search
        for "Myzel", to find the whole entry)

        Here is what is posted:

        614 Myzel Robinson Lynwood 14 M M1317 28:27 187 9 24 9:11

        Could this be the Myzel who is the subject of our group?

        This person, number 614, is listed as 14 years old (apparently
        his age at the time of the race), and as attending
        Lynwood (High School?...Lynwood is a bedroom community
        just outside Los Angeles).

        This Myzel Robinson placed 187 in his Division, running
        the 5K in 28 minutes 27 seconds -- averaging 9 minutes
        11 seconds per mile.

        If this is "our" Myzel, it may well be that -- even if he is
        an actor -- he may also have some credibility as an aspiring

        As a former trackman in high school and college, I know that
        an athlete's performance can vary wildly from event to event,
        from day to day (...100-meter world record holder Tim
        Montgomery certainly knows this, too! lol ).

        On the one hand, perhaps all this is only a series of
        coincidences...perhaps the "Myzel Robinson" I've stumbled
        upon is not the Myzel Robinson who is the focus of
        this group.

        On the other hand, perhaps he is.




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