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  • Krums 800

    1 Mulaudzi Mbulaeni RSA 1:44.00
    2 Sepeng Hezekiél RSA 1:44.21
    3 Som Bram NED 1:44.40
    4 Bungei Wilfred KEN 1:44.66
    5 Wachira Nicholas KEN 1:44.77
    6 Kimutai Japheth KEN 1:44.80
    7 Bucher André SUI 1:44.81
    8 Krummenacker David USA 1:44.88
    9 Neunhauserer Christian ITA 1:46.95
    Rotich Henry KEN

    Seems like so far Krums run a few sub 1:45's this year but he's not placing too well. Anyone have any insight. Is he trying to peak too early with the WC still a ways off or is the 800 quality just that strong this year in Europe.

    In this race they have 8 runners between 1:44 and 1:45. Thats a strong, closely matched field.

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    Re: Krums 800

    I'm thinking (hoping) he may just be working throught these races - pointing for the WCs.

    He always seems to be about 1/2 second off, doesn't quite seem to have it in the last 100. He's not too far off and has time to sharpen.


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      Re: Krums 800

      He should switch over to the 1500 meters now!


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        Re: Krums 800

        Hell, anything can happen in a race with 8 runners packed between 1:440 and 1:44.9.
        Joe Lanzalotto


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          Re: Krums 800

          I would think he's pointing for the WC's. He's right in the thick of things as it is. He gets a little sharper, he'll be in the fight for a medal. His coach has done a good job in the past with other athletes (look at how Cruz performed in big meets) and did alright by Krum in the indoor champs. Krummy did beat some dude named Kipketer who isn't too shabby a runner.


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            Re: Krums 800

            Anyone else noticing how Bram Som is systematically working up to the front of teh pack this season?


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              Re: Krums 800

              I hope continues to improve and peak at the championships, because the 800 is one of the most competitve events this year, with any number of guys who could win it.


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                Re: Krums 800

                With his 800meter speed base Krummenacker may have the necessary strength and speed to break a 3:50 mile. He could join Steve Scott, Jim Spivey , and Joe Falcon in the US sub 3:50 club.

                I don't think there has been a US 1500meter runner with Krummenacker 800 meter speed. None of the milers mentioned above have had Krummenacker's 800 meter times. All he has to do is run the first 800meter of the 1500 in 1:55 to be in sub 3:50 range. A runner like Lunn would be going into oxygen debt at those speeds, and this explains why Lunn's PR is around 3:54. I bet you Lunn was in real pain when he set his PR.

                Lunn is a great runner, but he is not among the world's super elite. Krummenacker has already proven in both the 800m and 1500m that he can run down the best Africans.

                The question is not if but when will Krummenacker break a 3:50 mile. I think he will do it before he hits 30.

                He is the bright spot in US distance running.


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                  Re: Krums 800

                  LOL - ANYBODY is going into oxygen debt at 1:55 pace.......... otherwise they'd be able to run that fast forever!


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                    Re: Krums 800

                    There are obvious degrees of pain certain runners are going to feel at the 800meter mark. Obviously, a 3:40 runner is going to be in more pain than a 3:30 runner at those speeds. It is just common sense.