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    Sport Gaffes

    "Ah, isn't that nice, the wife of the Cambridge president is
    kissing the cox of the Oxford crew."
    -- Harry Carpenter (BBC TV, University Boat Race 1977)

    "The batsman's Holding, the bowler's Willey."
    -- Brian Johnston (as Michael Holding faced Peter Willey)

    "And there goes Juantorena down the back straight, opening
    his legs and showing his class."
    -- David Coleman

    "We estimate, and this isn't an estimation, that Greta Waitz
    is 80 seconds behind."
    -- David Coleman

    "On another night, they'd have won 2-2."
    --Ron Atkinson (commenting on a Valencia-Liverpool Match)

    "He is accelerating all the time. That last lap was run in 64
    seconds and the one before in 62."
    -- David Coleman

    "That's the fastest time ever run - but it's not as fast as
    the world record."
    -- David Coleman

    "And Britain defeats the rest of the world to pick up the
    bronze medal."
    -- Unknown

    "The Americans sowed the seed, and now they have reaped the
    -- Sebastian Coe
    "A beautiful theory killed by an ugly fact."
    by Thomas Henry Huxley

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    Re: the Mouthpiece

    Nice quotes

    I remember British mag; 'Athletics Weekly', printed most of Coleman's muck-ups. All of them were quite funny. Just goes to show how tounge tied you can get when commentating, especially on Track & Field.


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      Re: the Mouthpiece

      A couple more.. not as good as the classic Coleman quotes, but funny all the same:

      "Mothersill has such ragged form... (2 minutes later)... Mothersill has text-book form"
      --John Regis

      "She literally hurdled that last hurdle... she is literally crossing the line"
      --Sally Gunnell

      "They're up against Spain, Brazil and... well, the rest of the world really"
      --BBC Radio reporter when asked who the British sailing team will be up against in the Olympics.


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        Re: the Mouthpiece

        These gaffes sound like Shakespeare compared to Carol Lewis' "she really put the pedal to the metal!"

        I've had to suffer through that most of my adult life.


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          Re: the Mouthpiece

          I think that happened at the Melrose Games!


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            Re: the Mouthpiece

            Some more 'Ronglish' from Ron Atkinson: