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  • Brit meet today

    The British meet today has good fields:

    100 – Capel, B Wms, Collins
    200 – top Brits
    400 – top Brits & Caribs
    1500 – Lunn, Berryhill & Krummenacker take on . . . El G. fast times?
    3000 – Kennedy (!) and Abdi take on the ‘other’ Gebre
    110H – AJ, plus Liu, Ross and Olijars (with two s’s)
    HJ – Hemingway & Nieto
    LJ – Dilworth & Stringfellow
    TJ – Bell takes on Edwards & Olsson!
    JT – Greer vs. Backley & Henry

    100 - Torri E
    400 – Hennagen & D Wash
    800 – Toomey in with Mutola & Ceplak
    3000 – Liss & O’Sullivan!
    100H – Adams & Morrison
    PV – Feofanova vs. Sauer, Suttle & Warlick

    good stuff.

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    Re: Brit meet today

    It's on live (audio) on the BBC today between noon and 3pm EDT.
    click on 'listen live'


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      Re: Brit meet today

      Can't wait to see the men's 100. Kim Collins, John Capell, and one other athlete ran the entire race after a false start was called. They re-ran the race just a few minutes later and Brits went 1-2-3 with Chambers running 10.27 into a 3 m/s wind (announcers figured it was a 9.95 w/o wind). Interviewed afterwards, Collins seemed a bit miffed but Capell just laughed and said he'd seen it before . . . last time he thought it was a false start (at the Olympics), he made the mistake of sitting in his blocks. When you read about this one, the results won't tell the whole story.


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        Re: Brit meet today

        It's really been quite enjoyable listening to this meet over the Internet. That 100 meter race must have been a hoot. There really wasn't much of a delay in re-running it, either.


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          Re: Brit meet today

          How did the American 1500 meter runners do? They must of run already it is 7:10 in the UK.


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            Re: Brit meet today

            The race just finished. Krum got 3rd. El G almost was caught. Results will be posted at ... index.html soon.



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              Re: Brit meet today

              Krummenacker's result:

              1 76 Hicham El Guerrouj MAR 3:33.41
              2 67 Paul Korir KEN 3:33.63
              3 100 David Krummenacker USA 3:35.15 SB
              9 92 Brian Berryhill USA 3:38.00
              14 101 Jason Lunn USA 3:40.33


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                Re: Brit meet today

                Krummenacker is our only real international elite miler.
                That US national championship race has given Lunn a unrealistic perspective on how to run with the big boys. Slow national races have screwed up the pacing of US milers.