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HS 2-Mile at Pre...Not.


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  • HS 2-Mile at Pre...Not.

    I'm being told that there is conjecture on some message boards about a high school 2-Mile race at the Pre Classic on June 4th. Not so. What is true is that if an athlete has a legitimate chance of breaking Jeff Nelson's 8:36 and change prep record, we would invite that athlete to compete in the Pre Classic 2-Mile. That means a time in the low 8:40s (or the metric equivalent) run before Pre. Since this is the only message board I frequent, would appreciate it if readers would spread the word.

    Tom Jordan
    Meet Director

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    Re: HS 2-Mile at Pre...Not.

    yeah -- same deal as the with the mile every year, right? There's no 'special race' but if a HSer is knocking on 4min or in this case 8:40, they'd be up for consideration