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Regina Jacobs: Running Outside ot Time


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    Re: Regina Jacobs: Running Outside ot Time

    Jennings has 'em at mile and 3000 and 2 mile indoors. She has titles at 3000,5000 and 10,000 outdoors. She has titles at 5k, 8k, 10k, 12k and 15k on the roads. And those 9 cross titles.


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      Re: Regina Jacobs: Running Outside ot Time

      Perhaps one reason for Regina's longevity is that when she has become ill, rather than try to run through it, she has allowed herself to get well. Viral infections and asthma are nothing to mess around with. The premise that one should just go for it regardless of one's health is absurd. Severe bronchitis can cause lung scarring which permanently diminishes aerobic capacity.


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        Re: Regina Jacobs: Running Outside ot Time

        I agree that not
        >all titles are the same. However, give Jacobs her
        >due on the U.S. title front. She has won in the
        >800, 1500, 5000, indoor mile, indoor 3000, & in
        >cross country. We ain't talking about the (new)
        >women's steeplechase here.

        Maybe we should be, since the reason Regina gave for quitting the world cross team last year was to train for the steeplechase. Looks like she was real serious about that.

        Didn't TAC merge
        >into USATF, so the TAC titles would basically be
        >USATF titles?

        Actually, it was simply a name change.


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