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Gatlin should run in the pan am games


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  • Gatlin should run in the pan am games

    After not qualifying to the WC in Paris, I believe that Justin Gatlin should be selected to run in the Pan Am Games because it would give him more international experience.
    Everybody knows that is not going to be a top field, but a sprint double victory in there would help him recover from the us trials.
    What do you think?

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    Re: Gatlin should run in the pan am games

    I agree with you. The team for the pan am has not been anoucied yet and I really don't think that he is going to be on the list, because he problably is not interested.
    But, it could help him to get prepare for the Olympics next year.
    As you Know, Bernard Williams was the 1999 pan am games gold medallist in the 100m and if it gave him experience so shall give Gatlin.


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      Re: Gatlin should run in the pan am games

      It's not his choice. He has to be selected, and it is very unlikely that he will be. ... ures.shtml


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        Re: Gatlin should run in the pan am games

        Thanks for showing how the athletes are going to be selected for the pan am games.
        I am from Brazil and down here things are a little diferent, if one of our best athletes was injured during the brazilian championships, but got better after that the selectors could take him to the pan am games.
        I think it would be great for competition have a the talented world indoor and 6 times ncaa champion in there.
        But that is life.


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          Re: Gatlin should run in the pan am games

          even if selected i doubt he would run


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            Re: Gatlin should run in the pan am games

            If he won't run he won't be "selected." As I understand it, they basically go down the list of qualifiers in ranked order based on what they did at the Nationals, and when one guy declines, they ask the next guy on the list. They "select" a team consisting of people who've said yes.


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              Re: Gatlin should run in the pan am games

              And any of you know when they are going do announce the team?


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                Re: Gatlin should run in the pan am games

                Team USA Roster


                100m Monzavous Edwards Kansas City, KS
                100m Marcelle Scales Franklin, TN
                200m Kenny Brokenburr Raleigh, NC
                200m Erick Wilson Opa-Locka, FL
                400m Mitch Potter Minneapolis, MN
                400m Adam Steele Eden Prairie, MN
                800m Khadevis Robinson Santa Monica, CA
                800m Floyd Thompson Santa Monica, CA
                1,500m Bryan Berryhill Wellington, CO
                1,500m Grant Robinson Palo Alto, CA
                3,000m Steeplechase Thomas Chorny Santa Monica, CA
                3,000m Steeplechase Anthony Famiglietti Knoxville, TN
                5,000m Louis Luchini Ellsworth, ME
                5,000m Seth Hejny Grand Junction, CO
                10,000m Daniel Browne Portland, OR
                10,000m Weldon Johnson Flagstaff, AZ
                20 km Race Walk John Nunn Chula Vista, CA
                20 km Race Walk Tim Seaman Chula Vista, CA
                50 km Race Walk Philip Dunn Chula Vista, CA
                50 km Race Walk Sean Albert Chula Vista, CA
                110m Hurdles Larry Wade Canoga Park, CA
                110m Hurdles Joshua Walker Stone Mountain, GA
                400m Hurdles Eric Thomas Houston, TX
                400m Hurdles Regan Nichols Houston, TX
                Long Jump Melvin Lister Fayetteville, AK
                Long Jump Kevin Dilworth Grand Prairie, TX
                Triple Jump Aarik Wilson Bloomington, IN
                Triple Jump Allen Simms Greenbelt, MD
                High Jump Jamie Nieto Chula Vista, CA
                High Jump Terrance Woods Abilene, TX
                Pole Vault Toby Stevenson Chula Vista, CA
                Pole Vault Russ Buller Los Angeles, CA
                Hammer Throw James Parker Great Falls, MT
                Hammer Throw John McEwen Eugene, OR
                Discus Throw Carl Brown Los Angeles, CA
                Discus Throw Doug Reynolds Lawrence, KS
                Shot Put Reese Hoffa Athens, GA
                Shot Put Daniel Taylor Columbus, OH
                Javelin Throw Breaux Greer Athens, GA
                Javelin Throw Robert Minnitti Port Orchard, WA
                Decathlon Stephen Moore Plainview, TX
                Decathlon Kip Janvrin Warrensburg, MO
                Marathon Jeff Campbell Rochester, MI
                Marathon Chris Banks Alexandria, VA
                4x100m pool Olan Coleman Waco, TX
                4x100m pool Jason Smoots Durham, NC
                4x100m pool Mickey Grimes Ontario, CA
                4x100m pool Kaaron Conwright Woodland Hills, CA
                4x400m pool Ja'Warren Hooker Seattle, WA
                4x400m pool Anthuan Maybank Orlando, FL
                4x400m pool Jerry Harris Alexandria, VA
                4x400m pool Andre Ammons Los Angeles, CA
                4x400m pool Brandon Couts Ft. Worth, TX
                4x400m pool James Davis Westminister, CO


                100m Angela Williams Ontario, CA
                100m Lauryn Williams Miami, FL
                200m Allyson Felix Santa Clarita, CA
                200m Crystal Cox Chapel Hill, NC
                400m Moushami Robinson Columbus, OH
                400m Me'Lisa Barber Colombia, SC
                800m Chantee Earl East Palo Alto, CA
                800m Hazel Clark Gainsville, FL
                1,500m Collette Liss Indianapolis, IN
                1,500m Mary Jayne Harrelson Blacksburg, VA
                1,500m Heather Sagen Forest, VA
                5,000m Shayne Culpepper Louisville, CO
                5,000m Lauren Fleshman Stanford, CA
                10,000m Jenny Crain Eugene, OR
                10,000m Kim Fitchen-Young Palo Alto, CA
                100m Hurdles Michelle Perry Palmdale, CA
                100m Hurdles Yolanda McCray Miami, FL
                400m Hurdles Joanna Hayes Los Angeles, CA
                400m Hurdles Brenda Taylor Chula Vista, CA
                High Jump Ifoma Jones Fresno, TX
                High Jump Chaunte Howard Atlanta, GA
                Pole Vault Becky Holliday Eugene, OR
                Pole Vault Mel Mueller Simi Valley, CA
                Long Jump Tamisha King Mableton, GA
                Long Jump Rose Richmond St. Petersburg, FL
                Triple Jump Yuliana Perez Tucson, AZ
                Triple Jump Tiombe Hurd Upper Marlboro, MD
                Shot Put Kristin Heaston Palo Alto, CA
                Shot Put Laura Gerraughty Chapel Hill, NC
                Discus Throw Aretha Hill Opelika, AL
                Discus Throw Suzy Powell Modesto, CA
                Hammer Throw Anna Mahon Orange, CT
                Hammer Throw Dawn Ellerbe Columbia, SC
                Javelin Throw Erica Wheeler Butte Valley, CA
                Javelin Throw Kim Kreiner Baton Rouge, LA
                Heptathlon Tiffany Lott-Hogan Pleasant Grove, UT
                Heptathlon Missy Vanek Lafayette, CA
                4x100m pool Angela Daigle Carson, CA
                4x100m pool Consuella Moore University Park, PA
                4x100m pool Erica Whipple West Palm Beach, FL
                4x400m pool Julian Clay Roswell, GA
                4x400m pool Charletta Greggs Miami, FL
                4x400m pool Debbie Dunn Raleigh, NC
                4x400m pool De'Hashia Trotter Knoxville, TN