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Doha Friday


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  • Doha Friday

    The start lists (and results tomorrow) at ... index.html

    good male match-ups:

    100 - Gatlin vs. Crawford
    400 - Tyree W vs. Francique
    800 - Mutua vs. Yiampoy
    1500 - oodles of Africans
    3000 - see 1500, only better
    2000(boo)St - Shaheen
    110H - TT vs. Olijars
    400H - Carter vs. Herbert
    SP - Hoffa vs. Olsen
    JT - Greer (AR?!) vs. Makarov & Parvainen

    women's fields offer similar excitement

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    Re: Doha Friday

    some epic races in prospect here !

    gatlin v zebra over 100

    it's going to be hot there & you would expect a time well below 10.00 in this

    the distance races are unbelievable !

    unfortunately, the weather is going to be too hot for fast times ( abbie ran 8'35 there last year, when she was in early season form able to go close to 8'20 )

    choge v choge in the 3k !

    senior ran 7'27 last year ( off a slow 2k split ) & junior ran that 3'34A last week - that must be worth at least 3'31 - 3'32 at sea-level & the kid is a 5k runner !!!

    burika ran 4'10A at altitude also & probably not a paced 4'10

    who knows how close to 4'00 flat that may have been at sea-level & in a paced race ?

    she then demolished both the WC & OG champ in the 5k!

    i assume she's a distance runner (5k), so just how fast can she go at 3k & beyond ?!

    damn the hot weather though!

    i doubt we will see faster than 7'35 or 8'35 again because of it

    if they run anything substantially quicker than this, then expect some incredible times in cooler GP meets in europe


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      Re: Doha Friday

      i just did a search on the weather in doha qatar todays high is 97 and todays low is 86, currently at almost 11 am qatar time it is 95 degrees farenheit.