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No throws at the Pre meet?


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  • No throws at the Pre meet?

    Why do so many (almost all) of the major US meets in the States this year not have any throwing events in them? There are none in the Pre meet! Many meets have only two or three MEN's events and none for women.

    How very sad for the sport.
    Hayward Field is a perfect spot for the throwing events as they would all take place in the middle of field and garner lots of crowd attention.

    It does make it easier for us up north to attract good throwers to our meets but what a sad situation.

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    Re: No throws at the Pre meet?

    TJ has said elsewhere on this board that the throws just couldn't happen because of financial/time/etc. constraints but that they will make there return (Murofushi has been a popular draw at Hayward Field in recent years).


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      Re: No throws at the Pre meet?

      That sounds like a bit of a cop out to me. Why not eliminate a track event if necessary?

      I almost had my DH convinced we should make the long trek down to Eugene but he is so disappointed with the lack of throwing events he doesn't want to go.

      I am sure that it won't make any difference to the attendance as Eugene is such a running twon but it is sad for us true track and FIELD fans (IMHO)


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        Re: No throws at the Pre meet?

        Long explication, followed by self-serving rationalization, countered by touch of defensive justification.

        Suffice it to say, this situation has never happened before at the Pre meet, and will never happen again. My apologies to the throws fans out there. (And $20 grand--the cost of prize money, airfares, and hotel for one event--could get your favorite throw instated..any takers??)