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Mary Slaney to Hall of Fame


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    Re: Mary Slaney to Hall of Fame

    The real question is twofold:

    1)Does her career warrant Hall of Fame status? Clearly, yes.

    2)Does her positive (by IAAF standards) test warrant exclusion from the Hall of Fame? That's a question we should look at on a broader scale. Does a lifetime ban lead to exclusion? Two- or four-year ban? Three-month ban? Exonerated by USATF but not by the IAAF?

    The fact that she may have also been a jerk is inconsequential; Ty Cobb was a royal a-hole by anyone's standards, yet no one questions whether or not he belongs in baseball's HOF.


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      Re: My my (Re: Mary Slaney to Hall of Fame)

      j.bunston wrote:

      Slaney tested positive at
      >your Olympic trials.urine test showed Slaney had
      >a testosterone-epitestosterone (T-E) ratio above
      >the 6-to-1 limit. The normal accected level in
      >females is 1:1. This is the accepted rule in
      >209 countries,>>

      Uh-uh. 200 of which don't have any kind of testing program at all and whose opinions don't count for shit.


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        Re: Mary Slaney to Hall of Fame

        The IAAF sanction ... does it mean anything if a USA court deems the test non-valid, I think the real sanction is how your judged by your peers after the fact. This test gives an athlete a 600%
        margin of error, re:6:1 ratio limit. Wasn't Slaney the Nike poster girl at one point, I wonder what happened to that.