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IAAF Preview of Berlin


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  • IAAF Preview of Berlin

    (courtesy IAAF)


    International Association of Athletics Federations

    Association Internationale des Fédérations d'Athlétisme


    9 August 2003

    Berlin - After a break of just short of one month since the last Golden
    League meeting in Rome, the IAAF's prestigious one-day meetings circuit is
    back on track with the 62nd edition of the ISTAF Berlin. Meeting Director
    Gerhard Janetsky explains why ISTAF Berlin 2003 will be something special.

    "I believe the 2003 edition of the ISTAF will be one of the best ever if not
    the best. For my second year as meet director, I must say that I have been
    lucky to have an excellent team working with me with, in particular, the
    appointment of Florian Schwarthoff as Head of Sports resulting in an
    excellent co-operation.

    "Florian has worked hard to put together events in which the outcome can
    result in a surprise. Of course we need star names for it to be a good
    meeting but what we really are looking forward to are great duels with
    several athletes on the start list being able to win their event.

    "We also want ISTAF to become a meeting for families. We have decided to
    move the meeting from Friday night to Sunday afternoon because we wanted to
    give younger fans a chance to attend.

    "Our 'Family Programme' is such that we have now a whole new class of
    spectators attending the meeting. For the first time in the meeting history
    there will be live musical performances in the stadium and interactive
    activities for youngsters prior to the meeting.

    "Out of the 25.000 tickets available, 16.000 have already been sold and we
    are pretty much confident that there won't be many empty seats in the Jahn
    Park, Sunday afternoon.

    "Personally, the one race I will most look forward to tomorrow is the
    women's 100m. Chandra Sturrup has been fantastic so far, winning three
    Golden League races but I think Kelli White is coming back to her best
    shape. On paper Kelli, whose boyfriend Boris Henry is German and therefore
    will be supported by the crowd, is capable of stopping Chandra's winning
    streak. If she does, she would certainly leave her mark in the history of
    the meeting.

    "Also I am very proud of the 4x100m relay race which we have put together.
    It is an event very rarely contested in Golden League meetings and I think
    it could be the race which will give the ISTAF its little personal note.
    What better end to a Golden League meeting than a relay race with a strong
    German team and two American teams in front of a crowd doing the Mexican

    fyi--the "mexican wave" is what Americans would just call the wave. No idea how the Mexican part got in there.

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    Re: IAAF Preview of Berlin

    Good matchups
    100 - Aliu, Capel, Gatlin
    400 - Haughton, Young
    800 - 'everyone' but Borz
    3000 - B Lomo, Kef
    110H - AJ plus whoever
    PV - 'everyone'
    JT - Henry, Ivanov
    4x1 - USA!!!
    100 - White, Sturrup!
    400 - Fenton, Sanya R
    800 - Graf, Hammou, M-C
    1500 - Ayhan !!!!
    400H - Pittman, Tirlea, Glover, Hayes
    HJ - the ususal
    LJ - Goulbourne
    TJ - Aldama, Lebed, Martinez, Mbango

    more questions answered


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      Re: IAAF Preview of Berlin

      >fyi--the "mexican wave"
      >is what Americans would just call the wave. No
      >idea how the Mexican part got in there.

      It apparently started at the World Cup in Mexico in 1970. Yanks think they invented it which you can see if you do some searching.


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        Re: IAAF Preview of Berlin

        Since Sanya Richards -Fenton is a matchup???? Get real


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          Re: IAAF Preview of Berlin

          Boy did Berryhill bomb in London today. Why go to Europe to run an 4:02 mile.


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            Re: IAAF Preview of Berlin

            Fenton vs. Richards is a GREAT matchup. Fenton is the prohibitive favorite and Richards is the hot-shot young gun. I hope Fenton goes 49-mid and drags Sandra sub-50.


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              Re: IAAF Preview of Berlin

              >Boy did Berryhill bomb in London today. Why go to
              >Europe to run an 4:02 mile.>>

              Let's see, go to Europe and run a 4:02 mile or sit in front of your monitor and be an annoying bastard.... go to Europe or sit.. go to Europe or......

              I think I vote for the 4:02


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                Re: IAAF Preview of Berlin

                Fenton-Richards is no match-up guys get real. If your reasoing was sound then Mutola & whoever finis last at 800m would be a matchup ie let's see fi Mutola can run sun 1:55 and Ms Lastplace run under 2:02