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10 August 2003

Winner of the women's 800m in 1:59.01 and still in contention for the Golden
League Jackpot

"The race today was very tactical but I felt in control all the way.

"This has already been a very long season and there are still some more very
important races to come. I also feel a lot of pressure on my shoulders as
every one always expects me to be the number one in the world.

"I have been running for so many years now and have a very good experience
of running that I feel ok about it. I knew the season would be long and the
goals varied but I am prepared for it.

"I know Chandra was defeated in the 100m and I am now left alone in the race
to the Jackpot. I try and not think too much about it because it would only
add extra pressure on me. But who could honestly not think about one million

Winner of the women's 100m in 10.84 (wind +2.8)

"Today's race and the London's race last Friday were always going to be
mentally important for me. The fact that I have won both races has given me
more confidence.

"The race this afternoon was just an okay race though. I didn't have a good
reaction time and I am very disappointed about that because this is exactly
what I have been working on. I am still not happy about my current form but
we are still a couple of weeks away from the World Championships and I guess
I still have time to improve.

"You cannot say that the World Championships will not be a World
Championships just because Marion Jones is not there. A world title is a
world title whoever is competing or not. If anything, it will make the World
Championships even more competitive and a whole better show for the fans.

"I have been training in Germany for the last few days and I have loved it.
I have been staying at Boris' house and using excellent training facilities.
Boris and I competing in the same meetings means a lot of encouragement for
each other."

Third in the women's 100m with 10.88 - her first loss in the 2003 Golden

"I am very sad that I didn't win today's race. If I had managed to win the
Golden League Jackpot it would have been great for my country.

"I had a good start and knew I was in the lead. Then I felt Kelli and
Christe coming up and tried to respond but there was nothing I could do. I
tried to hold on till the line but unfortunately I didn't manage it.

"Hopefully; I'll move on quickly to the next race and do well in Zurich
where I will adopt just the same strategy to try and win the race and run a
fast time. Despite this loss I will continue my season as planned.

"I still feel confident for the World Championships. I have improved a lot
this year and I feel a lot stronger. I have been working very hard of course
but I also have to give credit to Trevor Graham, my coach, who has done a
lot of researches and has worked hard on teaching me the mechanics of the

"And yes it does help that I am now the number one athlete in my training

Winner of the women's High Jump with a 2.05m clearance

"Since the meeting of Stockholm I have been aiming at jumping 2.05m. Today
was my third try at this height and to be honest I was quite surprised that
I made it because after jumping in Sweden and London, my legs felt a bit

"I will compete in Zurich next week and then travel to Paris on the 20th of
August. I know the competition will be tough at the World Championships as
nine women have already jumped 2.00m or more this year."

Winner of the women's 1500m in a world leading 3:59.58

"I am very happy with the outcome of this race and the time I clocked today
as well since it is just below the time that I wanted to achieve.

"Normally having a pace maker in a race should help you run a quicker time
but today, because the pace maker was so slow I think I definitely could
have ran a faster race if I had been on my own.

"This race in Berlin is like the first step towards the World Championships
in Paris which is the most important goal for me this year. Winning in Paris
is the only thing that matters to me. That, and remaining injury-free
throughout the season.

"In Paris, I will not underestimate my competitors. There will be several
girls who will be very strong and I will look out at everyone as a possible
medal contender.

"Since I won the European Championships in Munich last year, people in the
street recognise me and ask for my autograph. This gives me a lot of
support. I have become a star back in my country. Also, the good thing is
that since Munich athletics has become very popular in Turkey and they are
now practicing the sport even in the smaller villages."

Equal first in the men's 100m with 10.23

"I am happy with this run today, a little bit disappointed by the time

"I am also happy about my form. I came here to try and win the race. I will
now go on to Zurich where I still do not know if I will run the 100m or the

I also am not sure which race to run at the World Championships yet. I will
take a decision after Zurich depending on how my body reacts.

"The 100m is obviously the most popular event but there are so many young
runners out there who will be aiming to win that one. They are young and
have a lot of energy. I have to be realistic: years ago I would have been
able to take the various rounds but now I know that after running, say 10.2
in the first round and then 9.9 in the second race I will feel very sore.

"I know what it takes to run 4 rounds in two days and I will try and
regenerate my body as best as I can and handle the rounds as best as I can.

"The 100m in Paris will certainly be one of the most open and interesting