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  • monty heading home !

    Athletics-Frustrated Montgomery heads home

    BERLIN, Aug 10 (Reuters) - World 100 metres record holder Tim Montgomery has gone back to the United States after a series of frustrating results in Europe.

    Organisers of Sunday's Berlin Golden League meeting said Montgomery had informed them that he had gone home and would not enter the event.

    Florian Schwarthoff, head of sports for the Berlin meeting, said Montgomery had told him that he had gone straight back to the United States after his disappointing performance at Friday's London Grand Prix.

    The American sprinter failed to make the final at Crystal Palace after having finished sixth in Stockholm on Tuesday in a time of 10.37.

    "He told me he was too disappointed with his form to come to Berlin," Schwarthoff said. "He has gone back to the United States."

    Montgomery had just returned to competition after his partner Marion Jones gave birth to their son in June.

    He remained vague when asked on Friday whether he still planned to enter the August 23-31 world championships in Paris.

    i find it hard to believe that the wr holder in the 100 meter would show such poor judgement so close to the world championships. if he heads home now he will not be back until just before the start of the worlds (the 100 meters start on the 24th). obviously he will be jet lagged and tired unless he wants to use that as an excuse when he does not even make the final. it seems just as likely to me that he is heading home with the goal not to return to europe until the end of august or start of september. there is a possibility that marion jones will run in brussels september 5th (which i doubt) so he will just go there with her (if that is really the case). if he happens to do well in brussels he might say he is preparing for next year when it counts more. of course this is just speculation and big question marks. but it is not out of the question that he might not show up in paris.

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    Re: monty heading home !

    I wonder if anyone in North Carolina is pleased at the awful turn things have taken for Monty . . .


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      Re: monty heading home !

      >I wonder if anyone in North Carolina is pleased
      at the awful turn things have taken for Monty . .

      Probably CJ, if he's still in North Carolina.