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4x100 splits


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  • 4x100 splits

    what were the splits for the 400x1 in Germany today, team A?

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    Re: 4x100 splits

    not a question that can be accurately answered

    anyone who claims to be able to get anywhere near accurate splits on a 4x100 is a charlatan


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      Re: 4x100 splits

      I thought there was some Swedish guy who breaks it down from video tape.


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        Re: 4x100 splits

        I have taken Relay leg Splits for both teams(US 1 & US 2)from my Video Tape.I have recorded the meet on my VCR, and I have analysed the relay legs and taken Split Times for each leg of the 2 US teams. The video is quite clear and I have a good eye so the Splits are quite reliable.

        US 1
        1st leg: J.Drummond, 10.46s (10.46s)
        2nd leg: B.Williams, 8.83s (19.29s)
        3rd leg: D.Patton, 9.41s (28.70s)
        4th leg: M.Greene, 9.07s (37.77s WL)

        US 2
        1st leg: J.Capel, 10.44s (10.44s)
        2nd leg: J.Gatlin, 8.99s (19.43s)
        3rd leg: C.Miller, 9.73s (29.16s)
        4th leg: JJ.Johnson, 8.99s (38.15s)

        Mo eased off in the final 20-25m when he realised the lead he had over JJ Johnson.
        So in a way he ''allowed'' JJ Johnson to make up some ground in the final 20-25m.


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          Re: 4x100 splits

          Thanks - how do you do that? Single frame advance and count the frames? How do you identify the exact middle of the zone; is it marked on the track? Must take a lot of time to do.


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            Re: 4x100 splits

            Yes you've got it in one!
            I reac the frames/s of the video, or in other words the 'Hz' of the video(the speed of the frames)
            And on some tracks there are marks on the track at the given 10m points so that Scientific Analysis can be made(and that the rest of us can also try our hand at taking Split Times of different races!)
            The slower the frames/s(Hz) of the video, the easer it is to analyse and to make analysis.

            It is quite hard, but you get the hang of it and after the 5th analysis of Track races it becomes second nature.

            Any other questions I would be happy to answer.