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  • The Golden Gophers

    Both Mitch and Adam are in the U.S. 1600m relay pool deservingly. With solid first and fourth place finishes in the Pan Am final, I believe that they should get some track time at worlds, but the fact that they are still amatuers may be the deciding factor in whether or not either of them will tango with the baton. Mitch has been consistent all year long and can go sub 45 at will were as Adam is not quite as consistent but, 44 seconds is still a hop and skip away.These guys have proven time and time again that they can brew up an amazing performance when called upon to do so. I wonder what their chances are of seeing any action?

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    Re: The Golden Gophers

    I would agree with you. I hope Mitch and Adam both have the opportunity to represent the USA in Paris. With the exception of Tyree Washington, Mitch has been one of fastest and most consistent runners for the US this year (not to mention the world). And Adam can throw down fast times when he is called upon. Having spoken with Adam and Mitch before, I can say both these individual would do an excellent job at representing the US. They must be doing something right over there at the University of Minnesota.


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      Re: The Golden Gophers

      They have been running very well, and yes, they are doing good things at Minn. Nice to see new faces .


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        Re: The Golden Gophers

        potter and steele had great season and good job
        at pan-am games. the 4x4 pool will have alot
        of good exp. 400m runners on it. sometimes these
        pools are not so fair. tyree will be in the 4x4
        finals only, and harrison and young also might
        only run the finals, depends on how hard they
        run in the early rounds of the 400m. you have
        the other harrison and brew for the relays and
        bird and davis. you also have c.nelson and now
        that taylor is running better is another person.
        plus you also have woody and jackson,carter from
        400H that also can be on the relay team. potter
        might get a shot, i don't think so. but if he
        does it will be a great exp. for him. you have
        to remember that tyree and young are world record holders and the harrison and young and bird
        are also olympic gold winners. brew is a world
        champion outdoors and indoors. plus woody and taylor have ran rounds at world champs also and are medal winners. so the relay coaches will look
        at those things plus who is running well this year
        and at this point. washington and young both
        have won alot overseas and both been under 45sec 3-4 times this year. if i had to make a line-up
        for the finals at worlds, i would have to say
        young-brew-harrison-washington. with other harrison-taylor the 2 to replace. but all i care
        is that we win. whoever runs. GO USA.