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"New" World Records


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  • "New" World Records

    This link ... Spo6.shtml
    is about the Scandinavians trying to get the IAAF to rescind any WR before 2000. Certainly someone on this board has done the grunt work to compile what they would be from 2000 on, yes?

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    Well, here are the sprints:

    100m: 9.78s (Montgomery, 2003), 10.75 (Jones, 2000)
    200m: 19.71A (Johnson, 2000), 21.84 (Jones, 2000)
    400m: 43.68 (Johnson, 2000), 49.11 (Freeman, 2000)

    With the exception of Montgomery's WR, looks like the Olympics brings out the best in people!


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      "New" World Record

      And if they can't get the IAAF to buy the "millenial" concept, here's another idea. I don't think they will buy it because I get the feel that the IAAF has a mind-set of, "if we could only be sure that we have drugs under control, then we'll have a reason to go with new ones," but of course, they will NEVER have that feeling. Ever.

      So, use the creation of WADA as the rationale. Removes IAAF's testing process (and all those who think they cheated) from scrutiny. Here's the list of WRs as passed by an impartial outside body.


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        that makes sense if we knew that from the year 2000 on everybody will be totally honest and would never do anything to get an unfair advantage. come on some people (in everything not just sports) have and always will unfortunately look for ways to get ahead even if it is wrong, face it, we will never know which records are tainted and which ones are real.


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          >Certainly someone on this board has done
          >the grunt work to compile what they would be from
          >2000 on, yes?


          100m: 9.78 - Tim Montgomery
          200m: 19.71A - Michael Johnson
          400m: 43.68 - Michael Johnson
          800m: 1:42.32 - Wilson Kipketer
          1500m: 3:26.12 - Hicham El Guerrouj
          1 mile: 3:44.95 - Hicham El Guerrouj
          3000m: 7:25.02 - Al Saidi-Sief
          5000m: 12:48.81 - Stephen Cherono
          10,000m: 26.49.38 - Sammy Kipketer
          Marathon: 2:05:38 - Khalid Khannouchi
          110mH: 12.97 - Allen Johnson
          400mH: 47.35 - Felix Sanchez
          4x100m: 37.61 - USA
          4x400m: 2:56.35 - USA
          HJ: 2.40m - Vayecheslav Voronin
          PV: 6.05m - Dmitri Markov
          LJ: 8.65m - Ivan Pedroso
          TJ: 17.92m - Jonathan Edwards
          SP: 22.67m - Kevin Toth
          DT: 73.88m - Virgilijus Alekna
          HT: 84.86m - Koji Murofushi
          JT: 92.80m - Jan Zelezny
          Decathlon: 9026 - Roman Sebrle


          100m: 10.75 - Marion Jones
          200m: 21.84 - Marion Jones
          400m: 49.11 - Cathy Freeman
          800m: 1:55.19 - Jolanda Ceplak
          1500m: 3:57.40 - Suzy Favor-Hamilton
          1 mile: 4:24.40 - Natalya Yevkodimova
          3000m: 8:21.42 - Gabriela Szabo
          5000m: 14:29.32 - Olga Yegorova
          10,000m: 30:01.09 - Paula Radcliffe
          Marathon: 2:15:25 - Paula Radcliffe
          100mH: 12.33 - Gail Devers
          400mH: 52.34 - Yulia Pechonkina
          4x100m: 41.71 - USA
          4x400m: 3:20.65 - Jamaica
          HJ: 2.06m - Kajsa Bergqvist
          PV: 4.82m - Yelena Isinbayeva
          LJ: 7.42m - Tatyana Kotova
          TJ: 15.32m - Tatyana Lebedeva
          SP: 21.46m - Larisa Peleshenko
          DT: 69.44m - Suzy Powell
          HT: 75.68m - Olga Kuzenkova
          JT: 71.54m - Osleidys Menendez
          Heptathlon: 6842 - Eunice Barber


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            Re: New WRs

            Thank you


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              Re: New WRs

              that means the 2:56.60 at Penn Relays was only 0.3 off of what could be a world record -- arrgh !


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                Re: New WRs

                69.44 by Suzy Powell won't be ratified as an American Record so I doubt it would meet WR muster either.


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                  I find the whole concept so arbitrary as being unacceptable. There is a number of names, whose superior marks from just a year or a few years earlier are eliminated, without them being "tainted" at all.
                  "A beautiful theory killed by an ugly fact."
                  by Thomas Henry Huxley


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                    Re: New WRs

                    >69.44 by Suzy Powell won't be ratified as an
                    >American Record so I doubt it would meet WR
                    >muster either.

                    Yes, I didn't know whether to include that, seeing as it was thrown on a sloping field. In which case, it would make Natalya Sadova the post-2000 WR holder with her 69.38m throw.


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                      Re: New WRs

                      The women's 5000m record should have Adhere's name too. She ran 14:29.32 this year.

                      Difference in perspective??? Most folks on this board talk about tainted east European records. This eurosport article says "The Nordic countries expect stiff opposition, particularly from the United States, which holds many of the records in question and is still smarting from a drug investigation earlier this year that implicated the country's top past champions"


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                        Re: New WRs

                        The Eurosport article is full of kaka. When all was said and done, the "implicated" athletes were innocent of any wrongdoing, both under the rules in force then and the rules in force now. Period.


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                          Re: Re:

                          3000m: 7:25.02 - Al Saidi-Sief

                          Wasn't he busted for drugs?

                          Personally, I think you erradicate all the Chinese records and all the East German records. In addition, you completely eliminate ALL marks from anyone who EVER tested positive for drugs. In the 5k and 100 especially you would see the top 20 performer list dwindle down quite a bit...


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                            Re: Re:

                            Eradicate the 'Chinese records' and keep 'Flo Jo's records". Seems like a double standard to me here. The chinese never agreed to taking anything illegal..


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                              Re: records

                              And neither did Flo Jo. As much as I suspect her, she, like the Chinese, passed the tests at the time. Since we can't climb into the WayBack machine with Mr. Peabody, we have to accept all records until a Ben Johnson/East Germany outing takes place. I'm against the eradication of the records. How much stupider do we have to look to the Gen'l Public than give up on the whole history of our sport and start again?