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  • WC Discus(w)

    So what happens to the distances thrown before the rainstorm. Presumably all will be negated?
    What if someone had thrown huge e.g 68-70m. Would they have grounds to appeal if it didn't count. On the other hand the ones who threw and didn't throw far will be happy to have an "extra" attempt.

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    Re: WC Discus(w)

    The webcast commentators noted that there was something of a dispute on one of the distances- on their videotape it clearly landed on something like the 55 meter line, but the laser measurement device came up with 60 meters. It was so far off it was very notable.
    They were suggesting that the downpour was screwing up the laser itself, or one of the electronic "innards" (as Jedd Clampett would undoubtedly refer to it).
    They suggested the whole thing be rerun since who knows if any of the original marks can be trusted as being accurate.
    I'd have to agree.


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      Re: WC Discus(w)

      Is that the excuse the USA women are using for their lame performances?