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  • Webcast Update

    As I've mentioned before, I am working with the people who created the live webcast of the World Championships (, and they would like to get your feedback.  They
    have ambitious plans for the future and want to make the coverage as professional and enjoyable as possible.

    Please let me know what you like or don't like about the coverage (including the daily shows on PAX). If you've had technical problems with the webcast, how quickly (or slowly) was the problem solved(if it was)? And please be specific in terms of your problem. It would be helpful if you would respond directly to me, although I will be checking this board for other replies

    Walt Murphy ([email protected])

    P.S. You can sign up now for the Golden League/World Athletics Final package--$4.95 per meet, or $9.95 for the 4-meet package. Go to

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    Re: Webcast Update

    As I said already - I am



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      Re: Webcast Update

      The 1-hour CSN broadcast in this area was too short, and therefore a bit choppy, and heavily weighted toward American results (of course).


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        Re: Webcast Update

        for us hard core nuts it was amazing to have something like this again akin to the triple cast in 92. the shows on pax were a little sloppy, but better than the networks showing 2hrs but only 7 races and 3 jumps, countless interviews and features. however it would be nice to have a more reliable tv network to show about 15 hrs for the 9 days so the casual fan can watch it too.


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          Re: Webcast Update

          Hi Walt

          Love the WCSN live feed. The 1 hour show suffered from very poor video and sound qauality compared to the archived live feed.

          Putting markers in the archived live feed identifying the begining of event would be really helpful. When I get home in the evening I just can't sit through 6 odd hours, otherwise I'll be non functional the following day at work. I'd like to be able to drop directly into the events which interest me most. I'd pay a couple of extra bucks for the markers alone.

          I've lived in the States for 20 years. This is the first time I've enjoyed watching track and field coverage. I think I've seen the future for the frustrated track fan.

          Track and field fans love unadulterated feeds - no warm and fuzzy stories about overcoming insurmontable odds during the 10,000m. I can't tell you how many times I've wanted to punch the TV out when one of those feel good moments reared its ugly head when there was something more interesting taking place on the track. Just cover the events, the fans will come.



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            Re: Webcast Update

            Huge expressions of appreciation for the webcast (I didn't bother watching PAX).
            Once I got my ISP's broadband provisioning allocation straightened out (their error), all was as smooth as any streaming video I've ever seen on the net.

            As for production quality, I'm glad someone seemed to hear our complaints (or just figured it out themselves) on the audio problem, with the on-the-field microphones overwhelming the announcer's microphones- to the point that we heard little of the 10K "call".
            By day 3, this seemed to have been straightened out quite nicely.

            I hope a little portion of my $4.95 goes for a wee bit of a pay raise for the esteemed team of Ovett, Pickering and Matthews- they did a superb job. Hopefully nobody "breaks up the team" for the upcoming 4-meet GP series.

            I don't mind the UK pronunciations- even bringing back Kim Batten to run in every single American relay race. Or Baton Rouge, Louisiana.
            Is the American pronunciation (accent on the second syllable) more like the French pronunciation? Just wondered, if we Yanks are talking like the Frenchies and don't even realize it. Wouldn't THAT be the pièce de résistance!

            Oh yes, one more thing- the moving robot camera-on-a-track on the CURVES was nice- gives a very nice feel for curve running. NBC seems to always go for the straightaway robot camera (so as to track the 100m sprinters mostly), but it really doesn't tell you too much you can't see from the vantage point of the cameras perched high up in the grandstand. The curve camera train, though, was worth the investment.


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              Re: Webcast Update

              First, Great coverage, great value, great archive, great web site.

              Improvements. If I had to ask for one thing it would be an index for the archive with respect to the track races. i.e. At what point in the coverage does each event (or heat) start. I'd settle for a number in minutes from the begining of the broadcast, but even better would be a hot link that advanced to the begining of each event (not sure if that is technically possible or not).

              Why do i ask for the above? I don't usually watch the archive from begining to end. I usually want to go and see particular events. For example, i wanted to see the mens 4x100m relay heat that had the baton dropping incident since I did not see it live.


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                Re: Webcast Update

                Great site, and a great vision for those who put it together. Yes, we have people in this sport who are making a change instead of sitting at a computer complaining all the time (Me being one of the complainers!!!!! )


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                  Re: Webcast Update

                  I just returned to US after spending week in Helsinki. Myself and another follow HS coach saw the first 5 days of competition and/or rain relays. This was my first WC and was very impressed with everything. I signed up for wcsn webcast before i left hoping I would be able to see meet when I got home. At Helsinki we would watch Eurosport after we got back to hotel/local bar to watch replay of meet.
                  After watching thurs, and fri. archive and sat. live I don't think I could watch network tv unless it was absolutely necessary. Your webcast is as good as Eurosport.
                  I simply love the announcing. even my wife mentioned how great it was. I will probably sign up for anything you guys do. For those of you who don't have broadband, get it and get signed up. It was almost as good as being there.
                  Better viewing on webcast, but the atmosphere was the real highlight.

                  What else I liked on your webcast.
                  a) an athletes series of marks always below his or her name, something US TV just doesn't seem to want to do for some reason.
                  b) the measurement showing how far a jumper's foot was behind or over the toe board. nice touch.
                  c) the use of camera's at warmup track and below stadiuim showing athletes was nice.
                  d) but most of all the announcing.

                  What I would like to see.
                  a) maybe I can do this but haven't figured out how yet is to view a specific event only. maybe too much to ask for.
                  b) during last olympics, NBC used a new camera technique to show how a diver's jump compared to there last jump or anothers jump of same type. it showed diver in a number of stop actions as they went thru the dive. I always thought this would be a tremendous view for the field events, like the PV. you could really see the difference in each vault.
                  c) really what I would like to see is for you guys to actually do this again and again.



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                    Re: Webcast Update

                    OH yes- thanks for keeping an international perspective and not turning the first few days into a Webbcast. Traditional American media would have bathed us with everything from his brand of shoestrings to what kind of syrup he puts on his pancakes, to his distant cousin who survived both Afghanistan and Iraq only to get run over by a poultry truck, which of course would be construed as giving Webb incentive to perform well in honor of his dearly departed cousin who was run over by chickens.