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Carl Brown-6th at Zurich


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  • Carl Brown-6th at Zurich

    Carl finished sixth at Zurich. All the big
    boys were there. He was 15CM out of 4th.
    If he pops one, he could medal at the Worlds.

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    Re: Carl Brown-6th at Zurich

    You absolutely wish! Never will he even get near medalling! Do you think he is in Reidels, Aleknas Krugers or Mollenbecks class? He is a good thrower, but is a step below the top boys.
    Riedel will win another world title, Alekna will be dangerous and Kruger should put it all together, but as for carl brown, just pray buddie. Thats american optimism at it's best!


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      on american optimism...Carl Brown

      He could medal but it will take the performance of his life. Fazekas, Reidel, Alekna, Mollenbeck and Shevchenko all throw over Carl's pr pretty consistently.

      If all those guys are on form Carl's chances of medalling are about as good as mine.

      I predict Carl to come in 6th with a throw around 64m



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        add Kruger to my post above

        it would be great if Carl medalled. I'm also interested to see how Petrucci and Malone throw.


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          Re: add Kruger to my post above

          Obviously as a south african in new zealand I want Frntz Kruger to win but I don't think he will. 67-69m will win, but a throw of over 71m is probably out due to the paris stadiums unhelpful wind direction and bowl shape. Fazekas should do well, but I rate Riedel will take it, experience counts alot at a major championship. How about:
          1. Riedel
          2. Fazekas
          3. Kruger
          4. Mollenbeck
          5. Alekna
          6. Tunks (he will go big someday)
          7. Schevenko
          8. Tammert or Brown


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            Re: add Kruger to my post above

            I dont think Alekna will finish that low. It would be a shock if he didnt medal. I agree that Reidel is the favorite.


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              Re: add Kruger to my post above

              Since i have Fayekas <ooops, funnz tzping on german kezboard) in somebodz¨s pool on this site, i have to stick with him as a winner. After watching Yurich competition somewhat live, i saz Fayekas, Alekna, Riedel.

              Amateur assessment is that Riedle is showing both is age and his ongoing back problems--looked rather stiff in the ring.

              Wife was blown awaz bz him at a partz we were at, though. Talk about filling a door.

              z and y are reversed on a German kezboard... iäm too layz to fix the tzpos.


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                Nobody thought he would win in 2001 either. He was recovering from knee surgery and was thought to be "getting old". He's been in this situation before, I would be suprised if he throws poorly at worlds.

                Reidel's the king of the mountain until somebody knocks him off in a big meet.

                Just my 2 cents,


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                  Re: Reidel

                  Yeah if you think about it, Alekna will probably medal. Mollenbeck is throwing well so he could also medal. Kruger has had an off season by his standards, possibly due to study changes(hes got some brains to get a doctorate) or apparent marriage? But Riedel should still come out tops with awesome experience, awesome technique( the non reverse works so well when used properly) and awesome strength. Just my 2 cents, he snatched 140kg at 6 foot 7. Now that is power!


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                    Re: Reidel

                    I couldnt have said it any better


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                      c'Brown and dsiscus throwing

                      While I think Carl Brown has done some grand things this season ... he talks about 'bringing home a medal' but I hope he focuses on getting in the final 12 ... then maybe top 5 if he can get around 65m ...

                      He is an example of what the Olympic Training Center can do ... he went from training in 1/2 a gym at a little NCAA D III school in snowy Michigan from Dec-Feb to San Diego and bamm ... USATF Champ and he's throwing mid-2'teens ... without his time in so'Cal we would not be talking about him ...

                      What will it take for Carl to earn a T&F News top-10 in the world ranking ... must he be in the top 12 ... 10 ... 8 at the IAAF Championships? Will his Zurich finish count for much?