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  • US 4*400

    Who do you think will be on the 4*400 at worlds and what order do you think they will run? I think it is a pretty safe bet that Tyree Washington will anchor the unit, but who are going to be the other 3 relay members. The youngsters Mitch Potter and Adam Steele both have been running stellar. According to the IAAF website, Adam and Mitch have world rankings of 4th and 6th, respectively. And Mitch is coming off of a win in the 400 at the Pam Am Games. I know guys like Brew, Davis, and Young have all ran a US relay in the past, but I think we are seeing a changing of the guard. Here is my order:

    Calvin Harrison
    Mitch Potter
    Adam Steele
    Tyre Washington

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    Re: US 4*400

    Speaking of Calvin H., he sorta disappeared from the scene this summer. Is he still a medal threat? I suspect an injury.


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      Re: US 4*400

      Brew and Young will definitely be on the squad in the finals. The question is who will fill that last spot. Harrison has been running like crap lately. Potter just won Pan Ams, Bershawn Jackson ran run some very fast splits, he had on of the fastest splits at Penn, I don't think Steele will run the finals, and Davis is experienced on the relays. I think it will be:

      Brew, Young, Davis, Washington


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        Re: US 4*400

        B. Jackson will be great, but he hasn't done enough in the 400 this year (compared to the other guys) to justify being on the relay.


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          Re: US 4*400

          the 4x4 coaches will not mix it up. they will go
          with experience and who's running the best. THIS
          IS THE WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS. so, GOLD is the only
          thing that counts!!!!

          it's going to be young-brew-jackson-washington.
          potter and steele, haven't even run oversea's
          this year yet. (besides pan-am games) so your
          not going to throw them in to the mix now. they
          might run a round in the 4x4 but not the finals.
          don't forget the harrison's and bird, davis and
          also all the 400h. woody and taylor and carter.
          you also have nelson to add to the pool.


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            Re: US 4*400

            A composed anchor from Jerome Young. I must admit that I was scared stiff when that raging animal DAVIAN CLARKE of Jamaica circled the field on the third leg and put Jamaica in front to hand over first to Michael Blackwood (Jam).

            Another frightening moment was that fast finishing white haired lunatic from France (RAQUIL) coming out of the clouds in the last 50 meters of the relay.


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              Re: US 4*400

              Raquil SEEMED to have another 15 to 20 meters of that barnstorming pace left in him at the finish line- he 'ran out of track'-
              meaning perhaps if he'd started his strafing run 15 or 20 meters EARLIER he might have been able to catch young.

              But that's the kind of tactics (including slight errors) that make it exciting! Especially when the guy 'coming from behind' has a big home crowd going nuts yelling for him!

              It was a great race- much better than the usual U.S. runners leading 5, then 15, then 20, then 25 meters at each 400.

              Watch Raquid next year- he might start producing some consistent eye-openers going into Athens.


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                Re: US 4*400

                Great run by the 3 medalist and the Bahamas. We proved our dominance and ran a smart race. That tall guy for France on the 2nd leg ran well as did Raquill. The time was slow as were almost all the sprint races for the men.I can't believe Blackwood faded like that coming off the turn.I know the French ran well, but you have to be consistent year in and year out.They had the huge crowd and a reason to show well. Let's see if they can do well again next year.I know Jamaica will run well.They didn't have Chris Williams or Usain Bolt either so we better be ready next year.


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                  Re: US 4*400

                  and Greg Haughton and Mike McDonald were off colour this year as well. Chris I think will quit Track and Field after this year. Next year should be an interesting year in the 400. Bolt and Jermaine Gonzalez will make life difficult for the other guys. I predict that a quartet chosen from Brandon Simpson, Usain Bolt, Pete Coley, Sanjay Ayre, Jermaine Gonzalez, Davian Clarke and maybe Michael Blackwood (I don't think he is a good relay runner, he wasn't brilliant for Oklahoma) will be capable of breaking the NR of 2:56.75. The US will have to be in tip top shape to beat that, although being an Olympic year I expect them to report in top shape, unlike this year.
                  why don't people pronounce vowels anymore


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                    Re: US 4*400

                    derrick brew almost cost us the gold medal with a terrible leg. i would have put one of the minnesota guys in there, the deserved it as they run so well in the heats. jerome young just did enough to hold off the french guy and end the meet in a high note for the team...


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                      Re: US 4*400

                      derrick brew ran a good leg, i split it off the
                      t.v. (i tape it also)at 44.8, that's not bad.
                      mcfarlane (jam) ran 44.1, so that's why it looked
                      worst then it really was. let's get off potter and steele running the finals. you knew they wouldn't, the us coaches were only go with the most exp. runners. i happy they ran on the trail
                      heat of the 4x4 and they looked good. brew only
                      ran 45.4 in the trail heat because he had too run
                      the final. tyree i had at 44.5+ and jerome at
                      44.3+, i had raquil at 44.1 and calvin at 45.0.

                      jerome ran a great anchor leg. he was very relaxed and waited for the right time, he didn't
                      panic, that's all the exp. he has. he knew that
                      we just had to stay within his self to win, raquil
                      was the one that had to go all out to catch him.
                      also raquil was breaking down at the finish line
                      so he was pretty much out of gas, he ran a great
                      anchor leg for france, but not good enough to be
                      the YOUNG AND USA. IF ANYONE HAS SPLIT'S ON THE
                      4X4 PLEASE POST SEE HOW CLOSE I WAS. THX


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                        Re: US 4*400

                        All you had to do was check your e-TrackNewsletter! (which I'm sure you subscribe to!)
                        Harrison 45.2
                        Washington 44.8
                        Brew 44.7
                        Young 44.4

                        doesn't add up perfectly but they never do


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                          Re: US 4*400


                          thanks, i was pretty close. brew ran better than tyree. it's just that mcfarlane ran
                          a great leg. and yes i do get t&f news. thanks


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                            Re: US 4*400

                            The individual who ran the great third leg for Jamaica (44.0)was Davian Clarke, not Danny McFarlane.

                            He is noted for running these sort of splits although apart from making the Olympic Final in 96 and being a former NCAA champ he has never distinguished himself in the flat event.

                            He has recorded one of the fastest splits of all time (43.5) wich he ran at a previous World Championship chasing and catching one Derek Mills (USA).

                            He is better suited to anchor as he did a couple of weeks ago at the Pan Am Games when he ran another great leg to catch James Davis (USA) to give Jmaica the Gold.

                            Jamaica shot themselves in the foot. They probably should have used Blackwood (a converted 800 type) to start the relay, resulting in a more intriguing match up on the last leg.


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                              Re: US 4*400

                              Does anyone disagree that "the mile relay" is the best event, spectator-wise, on the track ? Always has been, always will be, IMHO.