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Greene Expects World Title


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  • Greene Expects World Title

    is the headline at ... 168815.stm

    the pertinent lines are:
    "A lot of people don't think I will be able to win again, but I think I am about to shock the world," said Greene.

    "I think 9.94 could win Monday's final but I'm going to run 9.80-something."

    I WANT Greene to win; I hope he wins; I like Greene, but like the boy who cried wolf, he's said these kinds of things before and then got beaten badly. I moved him down to the bronze in my contest entry, but would love it if he won.

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    Re: Greene Expects World Title


    When Green makes comments like that it sounds like he is trying to convince himself.

    I take this as a sign that he isn't very confident and has to talk confidently to get the juices flowing. Probably because of his past record with similiar comments - like you said "crying wolf".

    I'm with you, bronze if any medal at all.