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  • Paris Track

    OK, it has been 7+ years since I walked on the Atlanta track, so my memories are probably a bit fuzzy, but i took a cruise around the Paris oval yesterday and I would say it's substantially softer than the Atlanta one, for whatever that's worth. (In theory, least, it would mean sprint times might be a bit slowish, but also means that distance runners--especially doublers like Bekele--won't be chewing their feet up like Geb did in '96.

    Note: It's also not the same stadium where Monty ran the 100 WR last year.

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    Re: Paris Track

    1)Is it still a Mondo surface?
    2)Is it the stadium where the World Cup was held in '98?


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      Re: Paris Track

      What? No ground up metal tailings mixed in, as was rumored for the Tokyo track in the early nineties?


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        Re: Paris Track

        I've wondered why when the Atlanta men's sprints were so scintillating, at the same Games the women's 100 and 200 times really sucked. Just comparing the women's dashes to '92, '93 and '95 (Olympics and Worlds) the '96 times were pretty lame to say the least. Even with pretty much the same personnel in the lineup. Should be intriguing to see whether Paris times drop off from the last few weeks or not.