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    ""It asks whether Johnson was the exception or the rule in a sport that at the very least turned a blind eye to steroid use," Craw said. It will also re-examine the investigation of Johnson's drug use and how his career was destroyed." ... ory/Sports

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    Re: Ben on the board

    Why don't these idiots just let the whole "Ben" story die already?? Most of these writers never saw the race or know anything about the ensuing controversy, but feel a need to rehash the one thing they've ever heard about TNF in this 15 yr old story. This is about as pathetic as BoSox fans/writers complaining about the Curse of the Bambino and/or the Cubs fans/writers talking about the guy and his goat who put a hex on them.

    IDIOTS, every single one of them! Both of those teams suck because they get horrible players, end of story. TNF was never about Ben and will never be. Yes, there are druggies and they should be ousted, but that is not the story, the competition is so write about that aspect or go away and do the rehashed fishing column from every 3rd week in August instead.