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European AA Council Meeting Press Release


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  • tafnut
    If they come up with some innovative ideas, I hope USATF 'steals' them. We're already down, so we might as well try some new appraoches - if they don't work, oh well, at least we tried.

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  • gh
    started a topic European AA Council Meeting Press Release

    European AA Council Meeting Press Release

    EAA News

    Date: 03.10.2005

    European Athletics ˆ the need for change

    At its meeting in Amsterdam (NED) on 30 September to 2 October, the EAA
    Council adopted a framework for change with the objective of working
    together with the IAAF to ensure a successful future for European Athletics.
    The Council acknowledged that the sport currently faces many challenges and
    that it is necessary to act now.

    The EAA proposes to set up a joint working group with the IAAF to consider
    matters of common interest including:

    The restructuring of the competition calendar in a logical manner

    A review of the IAAF/EAA meeting permit system

    The creation of new competition formats with greater appeal

    The organisation of a European Athletics Championships every two years to be
    consistent with all other Area Associations

    How to attract more young people to athletics

    The creation of an enhanced communication and promotion strategy for the

    Venues for future EAA Events

    The allocation of venues for future EAA Events was also discussed at the

    European Athletics Indoor Championships 2009

    Bids were received from the Czech Athletics Federation (Prague) and the
    Turkish Athletics Federation (Istanbul). In accordance with the EAA‚s
    Competition Regulations, an Evaluation Committee visited both venues in
    July. Following the visits, the Committee concluded that neither venue
    could meet the EAA requirements to host the event.

    Prague ˆ The Evaluation Committee decided that the SAZKA arena in Prague
    (built primarily for ice hockey) is not suitable to be a venue for the
    European Athletics Indoor Championships in the athletics set-up presented in
    the bid, in particular because of poor sightlines for spectators and the

    Istanbul ˆ Sinan Erdem Indoor Stadium is still under construction and the
    EAA‚s Competition Regulations clearly state that an event shall not be
    allocated to a venue that is not complete and ready for use at the time when
    the EAA Council‚s decision is made.

    The Italian Athletics Federation (FIDAL) also initially expressed an
    interest in bidding for the European Athletics Indoor Championships 2009.
    Following the Council‚s endorsement of the Evaluation Committee‚s decision
    that the two current candidates could not meet the EAA requirements to host
    the event, a formal request has been made to FIDAL to submit an application
    to stage the event by 30 October. The decision on the venue will be made at
    the next EAA Council meeting in April 2006 following the evaluation process.

    European Athletics Championships 2010

    During the evaluation procedure for the European Athletics Championships
    2010 and following its unsuccessful bid for the 2012 Olympic Games, Madrid
    has reconsidered its candidature for the event. The Royal Spanish Athletics
    Federation (RFEA) has therefore proposed the candidature of Barcelona.

    The EAA Council decided that RFEA may substitute the city of Barcelona for
    Madrid. The evaluation procedure will now commence with Barcelona and the
    decision on the venue will be taken at the next Council meeting in April

    European Cup Race Walking 2007

    The EAA Council awarded the European Cup Race Walking 2007 to Leamington Spa
    in Great Britain.