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IAAF supports USOC, TAC, Lewis! (warning: doping related)


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  • IAAF supports USOC, TAC, Lewis! (warning: doping related)

    This just in from Monaco. Good news for USOC, Lewis & and others, a staunch reprimand for the critics!

    Mind you, the IAAF has been critical of the US before, but they now do back the '88 decisions. Given that, it is extremly strange they do not offer a retraction or apology from IAAF vice-president Helmut Diegel, who made public statements a few days ago that are flat contradiction with the official IAAF statement below (see them below too).

    (Courtesy IAAF Media department)
    30 April 2003
    Monte Carlo - There has been much speculation recently surrounding revelations by the former USOC anti-doping official, Wade Exum, regarding an alleged cover up by the USOC of a number of doping cases in the period from 1988-2000. The speculation has focused on athletes who tested positive at the US Olympic Trials in July 1988, some of whom, reports have claimed, were subsequently selected for the US Olympic Team for Seoul and competed at the Olympic Games later that year.

    The IAAF is concerned that the continuing controversy over these cases is tarnishing the image of the sport unnecessarily and wishes to make its position clear based on what actually happened in 1988.

    The IAAF has now investigated the matter thoroughly by reviewing the relevant documents from 1988. It has been found that, although the names of the athletes were not disclosed, the IAAF was informed that there had been 8 positive
    findings at the US Olympic Trials in athletics for ephedrine and ephedrine-related compounds in low concentration.

    The IAAF Medical Committee felt satisfied however on the basis of the information received that the cases had been properly concluded by the USOC as “negative cases” in accordance with rules and regulations in place at the time and no further action was taken.

    For this reason, the athletes concerned who achieved the necessary qualification performances at the 1988 US Olympic Trials and who went on to compete at the Olympic Games in Seoul were eligible to do so in accordance with IAAF Rules.

    <<while earlier, courtesy The Daily Telegraph:,86 ... 18,00.html>>
    Helmut Digel, the German vice president of the International Association of Athletics Federations has also called for an investigation saying under IAAF rules Lewis should have been suspended. "I have the impression Mr Lewis believes the case could be trivialised because it's so long ago," said Digel. "But that's not the responsible way to deal with this. Rules are rules and they were apparently broken. Mr Lewis should have been suspended, regardless of whether he took the substance knowingly or unknowingly."

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    Re: IAAF supports USOC, TAC, Lewis! (warning: doping related

    I'm not completely sure, but i THINK that Digel made his statements after the original sensationalist report, not after the LA Times story came up with the numbers and quotes which explained the proper handling of the case.


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      Re: IAAF supports USOC, TAC, Lewis! (warning: doping related

      I think that some apologies and retractions are in order from a number of publications.


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        Re: IAAF supports USOC, TAC, Lewis! (warning: doping related

        I am sure this will not convince the often fierce critics. They will still say that even though the IAAF accepted the U.S. explanation, they were wrong to do so.
        So if the IAAF thinks they can get this matter off the table with this statement, I am very afraid (but I hope to be wrong) they are mistaken. Too many very public people (for example Seb Coe and Steve Cram in the UK, Rob de Castella in Australia, and many many more) have come out with criticism and several of them will be to proud to backtrack.

        Nevertheless, it very obviously was wrong to state that the athletes involved were in violation of IAAF regulations at the time.

        After checking my files, BTW, I think that Mr. Hill is right about the timing of Mr. Digels remarks. That still renders them premature and possibly irresponsible.


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          Re: IAAF supports USOC, TAC, Lewis! (warning: doping related

          LA Times story came out on April 23, but don't know what time of day.

          The AP story quoting Digel off a German website moved at 16:26 EDT on the 24th and talks about "documents released last week."

          For now, I'd give Herr Digel the benefit of the doubt on not having seen the followup material. But if he had, he's definitely sounding witch-huntish. The IAAF statement will probably calm him down in that field of play, but the wire story actually has him calling for the IOC to investigate, not the IAAF, so we may not have heard the last of this yet. Don't stay tuned.


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            Re: IAAF supports USOC, TAC, Lewis! (warning: doping related

            I wonder where Digel stands on Cierpinski?