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Where can I find..


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  • Where can I find..

    .. the site that has all the world records? It starts at age 10 (in some cases all the way down to 8 years old). It is very interesting to look at, but I can find the link..

    And one more thing. Anybody on this forum that has a link to a very good site with lots of GOOD training literature?
    - Sindre

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    Hei, norsk?!

    Best all-time list:

    European age bests:


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      Morn ja
      - Sindre


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        Is Adio right, btw - is there a site with world age bests, or American? Can't find one either. Reading the European one again (great work, Hr. Tippmann), I'm utterly gobsmacked at the thought of an 8 year old long jumping 4.37m and a 14 year old running a 2:57 marathon. Scary stuff!


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          Have only seen the european site..
          - Sindre


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            I am not denigrating any performance or speaking to a specific performance but I am usually skeptical about reported "out-of-this-world " age group performances until they are repeated or approached under certifiable conditions with competent officiating..
            I have worked inumerable junior meets where these "wunderkind" competed and rarely do they live up to their press clippings.
            I am not suggesting that officials cheat,( although I have seen that happen too ) but too many are inadequately trained and many times are not even officials but parents and volunteers out of the stands.
            For example, I have observed::
            Long jump being measure from estimated point of take off or, unbelievably, to the farthest mark made in the pit instead of the closest or, and this is the winner, from the board when the jumper fouled by three feet The politically appointed "official" calling the board reasoned that "no mark, no foul" applied.. (fortunately, the official was challenged and removed on the spot)
            High jump and pole vault measurements recorded from standard markings with no measurement of bar.
            Long throws measured with convoluted twists and turns of the tape.
            Javelin measured from where it stopped sliding. Forget tail down landing.
            Hand times from the sound instead of the smoke , a quick thumb at the finish and no confirming timers.
            Transposition of numbers in reading the tape or recording or reading the wrong side of the meter mark.
            In virtually every field event, I have witnessed complete ignorance of what constitutes a foul in that event.
            Just a few observations...


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              Sure.. a lot of this records are bullshit. But many of them are not and it's interesting to read them
              - Sindre