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My Take On Track's Lack Of Interest/Coverage In The US


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  • My Take On Track's Lack Of Interest/Coverage In The US

    1) The inability of the IAAF/USATF to keep up with the times as far as marketing. Let's be real. Track and field, because of the lack of marketing by the above federations, has become less fun to watch to the average viewer. The twelve-year olds playing the Little League WS are very fun to watch. Quite frankly, we got left behind!

    2) Expenses to cover a track/field/road racing meet. Cameras, angles, reporters, etc. Ever wonder why the NYC Marathon is only live locally (NYC) and taped nationally? Because it was too expensive, with all the cameras, reporters, helicopters stretching across the five boroughs, etc.

    and the biggie:

    3) To the average viewer, the complicated techniques of the field events (the track, too), plus the inability to convert metric measurements. Quite simple: Track looks, to the average viewer, too darn hard to watch! A shout out to the declining educational system in the US, plus track's inability to explain those measurements and tequniques, for that one.

    Let's be real. Track's lack of interest is NOT due to drug suspicions. If so, we in the US would not have gone crazy over McGwire Sosa '98 (Mac admitted using andro). Also, 1,000 boats would not be parked in McCovey Cove during every SF Giants game (Bonds has been accused of beefin' up over 10 years).