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Drummond is Out!


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    Re: Drummond is Out!

    It's not that Jon Drummond cannot be brought back into good graces with us (not that we're important) or the track community in general.
    As you say, he does have many positive qualities.

    However, he has a chink in his armor, that being understanding what constitutes socially acceptable behaviour across multiple cultures in both celebratory situations (Sydney) and stress/anger situations (Paris).
    Fine, we all have chinks of one sort or another.

    But Jon refuses to acknowledge these weaknesses, which itself is ANOTHER failing, let alone decide to pursue something to deal with it and improve himself. He's in denial.

    There are plenty of options:
    Anger & Stress management.
    Classes in multi-cultural norms.

    Maybe when he gets back to L.A.,somebody he respects can get ahold of him and offer some fatherly advice. But it's up to Jon to take that advice and do something with it.

    This is EXACTLY the kind of counseling that HSI should be providing its athletes, but it appears that these kind of problems are COMING from HSI athletes quite frequently in recent years. So maybe HSI is so wrapped up in single-culture thinking, it cannot comprehend why certain behaviours are unacceptable to most other cultures.
    Maybe athletes being added to HSI recently, like Allen Johnson, can provide some positive role modeling and sound advice to young HSI athletes, but Drummond doesn't fall into the young athlete category who would normally need mentoring from somebody like an Allen Johnson, and Jon would probably get angry at even hearing such a suggestion.

    Jon would do well to go back home, cool off, and then ask himself "why are so many people so angry at me? I don't understand why, and I'd really like to understand why."
    That would be a good start.


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      Re: Drummond is Out!

      I don't know of any other outbursts by Drummond than those mentioned above. There is certainly a precipitating event for both of them. To take these two events, which are different in character and separated in time, and conclude that Jon needs anger management, cultural sensitivity training, or even fatherly advice is absurd. Who amongst us hasn't let his/her emotions get away from him/her particularly in a stressful environment? Furthermore, Jon is invited by meet promoters around the world and domestically year after year. He has been with the same coach and training group for years. He can't be that unbearable.


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        Re: Drummond is Out!

        >Jon refuses to acknowledge these weaknesses,
        >which itself is ANOTHER failing, let alone decide
        >to pursue something to deal with it and improve
        >himself. He's in denial.

        In denial?? He admitted his mistakes and apologized didn't he? Just because he still disagrees with the officiating doesn't mean he thinks the way he handled it was acceptable... and how do you know he hasn't or doesn't plan to pursue any counseling, etc.? More baseless inference


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          Re: Drummond is Out!

          He was also advised by the USATF official to STAY on the track and DISREGARD the DQ. USATF is just as culpable in this matter as Drummond because they were advising him on what to do.


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            Re: Drummond is Out!

            This is getting a little ridiculous as to how far you are really taking this matter: anger and stress management...classes in multi-cultural norms...counseling??? Give me a break. You are talking as if he is the next Sprewell and he was out there chocking the officials or something. Like a few other rational people have said -- there are a few ISOLATED incidents that should not overshadow this man's whole career and everything he has done for the sport, which in my opinion the good far outweighs the bad. John Drummond is a great athlete and more importantly a good person. He has been an exceptional role-model to the young athletes coming up and is always there to help guide and support. The people who REALLY know him know this to be true and respect him for it. The rest of you I suppose will continue to judge a whole person by a couple of unfortunate mistakes he made. Sucks to be human.


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              Re: Drummond is Out!

              >It's not that Jon Drummond cannot be brought back
              >into good graces with us (not that we're
              >important) or the track community in general.>

              Mr. Treadway you come off as a pompous windbag. Drummond needs to be brought back into your good graces? Anger Management?

              You've got to be kidding.


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                Re: Drummond is Out!

                How will the world remember him? They will remember these two incidents and dismiss him as simply another arrogant and tactless American sprinter. It isn't fair, but it's true.


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                  Re: Drummond is Out!

                  I'm not sure what meets you've been watching, but Drummond basically acts a fool to one degree or another at every single meet he's at. All the posing, posturing, yelling, and mugging have become extremely tiresome, and are disrespectful of other competitors, and in very poor taste. He does it so consistently that it is almost sure to get out of hand sometimes, and it has done so, as the most recent incident and the Sydney incident shows. Now that he's 34 and not 24, it also makes the "clown prince of T&F" look like nothing much more than an overly attention-hungry immature clown.

                  Incidentally, if a USATF official really did counsel Drummond not to leave the track, and condoned him acting like that, then that official deserves to be, and most definitely should be, canned too.