...but as I suggested earlier would likely happen, they are basically just duplicating what's already happened....

IAAF disqualifies Jon Drummond from World Championships
Tuesday 26 August 2003
Paris - The IAAF has received a letter from USATF in the matter of Jon Drummond which states that they cannot conduct the required investigation within the stated deadline of 20:00h on 26 August.

According to IAAF rules, based on a report from the Competition Director, the IAAF has disqualified the athlete from taking further part in competition at these World Championships, for behaviour “bringing the sport into disrepute”.

The IAAF President has received a personal apology from Jon Drummond in which he regrets his behaviour and announced that he will voluntarily withdraw from competition for the rest of the year.

The IAAF noted the decision of USATF to withdraw their Admin Officer Michael Cain from the World Championships.

The IAAF is now waiting to receive a full report from USATF on the conclusion of its investigation before considering if any further action is necessary.