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  • jon drummond

    the iaaf tech committee, council and congress - those non-sprinter old men are the problems...athletes make their living at this sport...the iaaf discriminated against the sprinters in barely passing this rule for the sake of live this is really sound reasoning..
    good for jon...he should have impounded the blocks, sued the starter for violating iaaf rule 162.3 in shooting a fast gun before everyone was set and then sue the rest of the iaaf for taking away his ability to earn a living...

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    Re: jon drummond

    Whether or not you agree that Jon Drummond should have been DQ'd for false-starting his race is not the question. Not only did Mr. Drummond false-start, but he was guilty of engaging in unsportsmanlike conduct ("bring the sport in disrepute," according to the IAAF). That warrants a disqualification (regardless of competition level). Every rulebook in every sport has a provision on how a competitor should conduct him/herself.

    Mr. Drummond was guilty of violating that rule of conduct. While he had every right to protest his disqualification from the race, he DID NOT have the right to jeopardize the RIGHTS of the remaining competitors in the race. Clearly, Mr. Drummond OBSTRUCTED those competitors which put them at a disadvantage.

    As a former high school and college sprinter, I was instructed thoroughly in the competition rules. I even was on the receiving end of some bad calls by race officials. While I didn't agree with those calls, I never acted in a way that brought myself or my school/club in a disreputable light.

    By acting in such a manner, not only did Mr. Drummond bring himself in a bad light, but also the country he represented.

    You can disagree with decisions that are made, but when you take it to a point where it affects others, then that's where the problems start.

    The IAAF acted accordingly. Hopefully, Mr. Drummond will use this unpleasant event as a learning tree and conduct himself more accordingly in the future.


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      Re: jon drummond

      Did you see Linda Ferga leaving the track in tears last night? She false started twice. Right, that's clear grounds for being dq'd. But there have been classier acts than Drummond when an athlete has been dq'd in a highly questionable circumstance. Raelene Boyle, Montreal, '76. One false start on the field. Idiot starter did NOT tell her she was charged. And to the viewers it looked like another runner. Then Boyle false starts. The silver medallist from Mexico 68 and Munich 72 where she missed gold by 0.05. One of the huge favorites in the event. She was right pissed and rightfully so, but she left the track. She did not behave like Drummond. She had better sense and more class. Because in the end, the outcome is still the same.


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        Re: jon drummond

        >acting in such a manner, not only did Mr.
        >Drummond bring himself in a bad light, but also
        >the country he represented.

        I'm an American. I could care less if the rest of the world thinks less of us because of the actions of Drummond. It's a track meet.

        The IAAF, in their unforward thinking, should have told him and Powell to get in the blocks, run the race and sorted it out afterwards.

        What was Drummond's recourse?


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          Re: jon drummond

          Whatever Louise Tricard says is okay by me!

          Louise- ESG coming to the HV in 2005. Remember when you asked me to be your representative at the very first meeting in Syracuse in 1978??

          I've got your email/snail mail somewhere, I'll be in touch.
          Peter Van Aken


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            Re: jon drummond

            we need more people to stand up for what's right...maybe if they did, we would not be in this position today....hopefully, with ALL of the starting problems shown, the iaaf will go back to the way it was before this happens in athens too....
            sprinters should not other runner is tossed out before competing, no other runner is so dependant upon an official for his/her performance/ other runner has that pressure on the other runner is in that unnatural/uncomfortable position on the starting line...think...the start is not a simple thing in the sprints/ is something practiced by only the sprinters/ is only their desire to get out asap, not to break or get an unfair advantage.....don't overkill a mistake....


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              Re: jon drummond

              and i forgot to add, which sooooo many of you forgot, that jon has been the lead-off leg on the usa olympic/world, etc. relay team for years....WHY...BECAUSE HE DOES NOT FALSE START...
              doesn't that make you wonder about the starter?????????????????????????????????????????


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                Re: jon drummond

                >no other runner is tossed out before competing

                Whadda ya mean?
                Drummond got to compete for 0.052 of a second before getting tossed!

                Given a 10.00 race time expectation, and extrapolated over a 4 minute mile, that would be 1.248 seconds for a miler before getting DQ'd, or probably about three steps. If you toe the line and the gun fires, what could be more fair- you had your chance!