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John Keston M80 mile record petition


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  • John Keston M80 mile record petition

    Oregon's John Keston gained fame as a movie and live-theater star and singer, but lately he's become one of the best age-group runners in the world. Last May, at age 80, he ran a mile outdoors in 6:48.3 -- breaking the listed world age-group record by 63 seconds.

    But a USATF hard-nose named Sandy Pashkin refused to support ratification of the mark as an American (and eventually) WR, saying his performance was in a handicap race, "illegal" under USATF rules. But he started with the gun, ran an exact mile and had three certified USATF timers at the finish. (Others started at age-graded intervals after him.)

    After a flurry of behind-the-scenes correspondence involving USATF Prez Bill Roe, USATF Records Committee chair Justin Kuo and others, it's been agreed that Keston's mark will be resubmitted this coming December in Indy at the USATF annual meeting. A rule change to clarify the definition of a scratch race also is in the works.

    But an online petition drive is under way to seek support for the Keston record certification. See

    For more details on the record debate, see my blog post:

    K E N
    K E N

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    The age 80 1500m record, 5:54.5, is worth about 16 seconds faster. Harold Chapson ran it in 1982.


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      Is this the same Sandy who who would reserve the weight room for a girls team meeting, thus depriving the boys team from using it to actually work out. Send her my regards !!!


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        Dunno if Sandy is one who did the meeting gig. She used to live in New York before moving to Oregon, probably Eugene.

        BTW, Dave Clingan pulled the plug on the Keston petition:

        To all-
        I would like to thank everyone who has come forward to support the Keston mile record petition. The response has given me cause to believe that athletes really care about these issues and their opinions can make a difference. But now I feel I owe everyone an additional explanation and an apology.

        Back in December, the Keston application was rejected on the grounds that his performance was "handicapped". That is what started this process in motion. I felt that was an unfair ruling, and I still do. However, a new problem has come to light. Much to my chagrin, it has recently been pointed out to me that this record can not be accepted on the grounds that the track used cones in place of a rail on the inside lane. The rules, in fact, are quite clear on that point. While I wish it were not so, I must agree that the record can not be accepted under the existing rules.

        I will attempt to submit a rule change at the convention this year which would allow cones to subsititute for rails under certain circumstances. But I am not very optimistic that such an ammendment will be adopted. So as of today, I am discontinuing the Keston petition effort. If, in the future, the rail/cone rule is changed, John's record can come up for re-evaluation. But if the current rules stand, there's no point in pursuing this further.

        None of this diminishes the historic performance of John Keston, which will always be remembered by those of us who saw it.

        -Dave Clingan

        Me again:

        Of course, Sandy hasn't noted her oversight on the cones/rail issue.

        Oh well.

        K E N
        K E N