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    Originally posted by Jnathletics
    Originally posted by DrJay
    I think I might still be able to run a quarter in 60, I'll go see today. If so, then I should probably just keep going for three more laps, sprint a little at the end and crack 4:00.
    Well I improved from a 4:31 at 18 to 4:19 at 21. So, does that mean I should have been able to run 4:07 at 24 and 3:55 at 27? Darn I should have kept training. :P
    You'll crack 1:00 before you turn 80! :shock:


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      Originally posted by SQUACKEE
      with the woman's polevault improving so rapidly, lodgic dictates, the female record will be 5 ft higher than men by 2020!
      Wait, didn’t we determine on another thread that Isin’s final record would last at least 20 years?? That means that Isin has to vault at least 25’ and change. These next few years when she adds 9’ to her current WR are going to be pretty exciting . . . :wink:


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        I nearly died laughing at all those examples. Here's another: I ran a mile in 8:51 in mid-December. I ran 7:57 on Christmas Day. Roll on July and Oslo...