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Shooting itself in the foot


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  • Shooting itself in the foot

    I'm not positive of the relationship between WADA and IAAF however it's remarkable how the sport of Track and Field attempts to shoot itself in the foot at times. Today's report of Jerome Young's apparent positive test in Sydney showing up on the day he wins the world title and in the middle of the showcase event for the sport is just mindboggling.

    I'm not saying to give the guy a pass and if warranted an investigation should be undertaken but since the alleged sin occurred 3 years ago you'd think there would be a better time to raise the issue.

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    Re: Shooting itself in the foot

    I can assure you that the IAAF would not pick this timing for such a revelation, for the very reasons you state.

    Yet the timing is obviously more than just a coincidence. It has Dick Pound's signature all over it. Probably discretely has been leaking clues for several weeks based on hearsay- then the L.A. Times this morning said they started an investigation a while ago based on scattered facts that were 'handed' to them by anonymous parties-.

    When he won the 400 yesterday, it was obviously the trigger to "go with the story" whether you feel you had all the ducks in line or not. Once one newspaper went with it, all the rest who had been looking into it immediately felt they couldn't wait any longer either.

    Of course the whole thing stinks. Even the Times headline read 'athlete failed drug test in 1999'.
    Completely ignores the fact that a reversed finding is not considered a failed drug test- until you get deep into the story and it's finally explained.
    Just cheap journalism that's all.
    I DO grant the Times some credit though for concentrating more on the international PERCEPTION of U.S. anti-doping efforts, rather than the specifics of the 400 meter case (although they explained all they've found out about the 1999 test & the appeal that followed).

    One thing that was funny was Dick Pound's immediate comment that 'this is that case we've been wanting to see for four years!!!'.
    He conveniently forgets that it was what- 18 cases that he said were undisclosed?, then it was down to 13, then 5. Now he admits it was really just one all along.
    One case out of thousands of U.S.A. tests conducted every year. And how many are even CONDUCTED in other parts of the world who are producing athletes who are dominating many events on the GP circuit?
    No, for Mr. Pound his anti-U.S. attacks are personal to the point that he's made himself a parody, and he is blind to the entire rest of the world. WADA needs a change at the top.


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      Re: Shooting itself in the foot

      Why is it so personal with Dick Pound? Not to sound paranoid, but it's so blatant.

      Did he get food poisoning at McDonalds when he was a kid?
      Did U.S. IOC members renege on some kind of secret pledge to vote for Pound for IOC President when Samaranch retired (contibuting to his election loss to Jacque Rogge), and now he's out for revenge?

      Or is he just trying to keep his name in the news as the world's doping caped crusader, and the U.S. has always been such an easy convenient target for publicity purposes because of U.S. disclosure rules. He doesn't have to pursue the tough cases if he can keep getting headlines with cheap innuendo, enough to keep him in office without actually accomplishing anything. And of course European and African federation leaders are more than happy to keep the 'dog Pound' chewing on the U.S. borders and out of THEIR backyard.


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        Re: Shooting itself in the foot

        >Why is it so personal with Dick Pound? Not to
        >sound paranoid, but it's so blatant.>

        Just a guess - the Ben Johnson story?


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          Re: Shooting itself in the foot

          Pound has always thought that the U.S. pushed the Ben Johnson thing, and in particular Carl Lewis. He's basically never been able to forgive Carl for passing his drug test while Ben failed his. This was a tremendous national embarrassment in Canada. Pound seems to feel that the whole thing, and especially the USOC's role, eventually cost him the presidency of the IOC, which is the position he most coveted for all those years he spent as Sanmaranch's point (hatchet?) man.


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            Re: Shooting itself in the foot

            Dick Pound should be thankful that Donovan Bailey and Bruny Surin (both of whom ran 9.84 in their careers) redeemed sprinting for Canada.