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  • Stefan Holm Update

    Article in Aftonbladet today.

    Out of form. Stefan Holm has had a large part of his winter training disrupted by several different injuries.
    "I am a long way behind with my jumps," he says.

    Holm: ”Frustrating”
    The jumps are not in tune at all – injuries have disrupted training.

    The winter has been trimmed by injuries and the season premier was a big disappointment. Stefan Holm has not gotten his jumps in tune at all.

    “It is clear that it is absolutely frustrating” says Holm.

    High jumper Stefan Holm has come to meets with considerably better self-confidence than to tonight:s GE-gala at Globen.

    He finished with a 2,20m jump in his season:s first meet in Polish Bydgoszcz last week, his worst meet result in over 2,5 years.

    But so have the injuries succeeded each other this winter. First, an tender foot, then a cramp feeling in a calf.

    “I have jumped so [darn] terrible. I am way behind with the jumps, but hopefully it will begin to turn now,” says Holm. “It is clear that it is [darn] frustrating when the jumps don:t work out. It has been very strenuous at times.”

    Holm means that in any case it is notthing mental which lies behind the subpar results. Olympic Gold from Athens 2004 has hardly made him satisfied with medals and success.

    “I am still hungry, absolutely,” says Holm. “Not in the least a year with the European Championships on home turf [in Göteborg]. There is still much that I would like to accomplish”

    Another Swede has taken the step up in the world:s top in Stefan Holm:s shadow, 20-year-old Linus Thörnblad, who jumped 2.33 in Malmö just little over two weeks ago – [a mark which, at the time was] a new world leader this year.

    ”It is clear that it spurs [me on] and is inspiring,” says Holm. “But I say the same as Kajsa Bergqvist: ‘I want to be best in the world, and therefore I also must be the best in Sweden.’”

    Holm is laying low with setting a goal before GE-galan. He:s not completely healthy for tonight:s competition, either.

    “It is a little cold. I got cough medicin for it over the weekend, but it made me stomach-sick, consequently.”

    Stefan Holm, in other words, is missing the flow for the time being, but it will be revenge [tonight] for the meet in Poland.

    “I always want some revenge after a bad meet. I am going to be better than I was there. Although I want to clear every height when I am actually standing out there on the track; Then I want to win.”

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    Thanks, E. Helps explain his 2.20m.


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      I was competing at GE-galan yeaterday and got tha chance to talk or more accuratly listen to Stefan pre comptetition. He was a bit frustrated about him catching this cold, his wife and child had gone away for a week making it easier for Stefan to focus on the HJ. But probably realxing a bit it got easier to catch a cold.


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        Originally posted by IFK_Vaxjo
        I was competing at GE-galan yeaterday.
        I see you're now also in Tilastopaja's database. That's the first step to T&F stardom.
        Było smaszno, a jaszmije smukwijne...


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          Originally posted by Powell
          Originally posted by IFK_Vaxjo
          I was competing at GE-galan yeaterday.
          I see you're now also in Tilastopaja's database. That's the first step to T&F stardom.
          :lol: How nice...big dream coming true :wink: