I spectated yesterday morning, my only running event of the season. Beautiful, sunny 60-degree morning. Fewer spectators than usual for a prestigious race. With BYU, NAU, OSU, and CU represented, it was a legitimate race.
The new course is impressive with its broad, lawn-like grassy fairways, display boards, and electronic finish corral. The runners seem to like it but us old codgers pine for the old course, which was the OSU golf course until the mid-50s, with adjacent start/finish lines, three creek crossings, a fence style, and some interesting bottlenecks.
Now, you have to be in as good a shape as the runners to follow the race from anyplace except the course highpoint 300 yards from the finish line.
My son started the races as he has all OSU races for the last 32 years. I was sort of an emeritus clerk, this being the 71st anniversary of my first OSU XC meet.
The start line has 42 boxes across a 100-yard start line but only 13 teams participated with socially distanced boxes. Of course, distancing disappeared completely as runners merged near the end of the gentle 440 yard downhill start. (We used to run some terrific 440 times on that downhill straight.)
Face masks were required for all officials/spectators and I did not witness a single violation. Even the runners donned masks as they left the finish corral.
Trees showing the first tinge of color. Fall morning well spent.