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    Originally posted by SQUACKEE
    I think she averaged about 66-67 for the first 2,000 and then 71-72?
    as a rough guess, i'd say a top woman runner shoud go ~ 6 - 7s faster outdoors than her indoor 3k, so an adere type, off 8'29i, shoud be ~ 8'22 - 8'23, which is a ratio of ~ 1.012 - 1.014

    if you apply that ratio to her 5'34.74i split, you get an outdoor = split of ~ 5'30.2 - 5'30.8, which -> the equivalent outdoor 3k that her indoor split was on for at even pace ->

    ~ 8'15 - 8'16 !!!


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      Originally posted by Daisy
      Originally posted by nevetsllim
      That seems weird. What was the heats system. Was it by time?
      Is it? His heat time was slow so it seems to fit the notion he had a muscle twinge or worse. I hope not. Was a he a DNS?
      Gardener just had a bad race. He said he lost his concentration as the introductions to the crowd took so long.