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  • Originally posted by Vault-emort View Post
    15yo Claudia Hollingsworth looks to have beaten the world age bests for 15 & 16 yo (the latter held for 38 years by Zola Budd) with an amazing 2-36.72.
    Looks like Claudia's time is also a world U18 best - Budd's 2-37.9 was also the fastest on record in that category.


    • While I'm continuing my monologue....

      One mark I missed on the weekend was the 50.79m discus win by 15yo Marley Raikiwasa in Adelaide. While her throw is 7m below Ilke Wyludda's age 15 best, it's worth noting that it's 3m further than Dani Stevens threw at the same age. A year ago, Marley's PB was just 41.23m.

      She's also improved her Shot (3kg) PB by over 2m in the last 12 months.


      • Entries in this weekend's NSW Championship include (visitors in CAPS):

        100 Browning PENNY Andrews Holdsworth Ius Azzopardi
        400 Solomon
        110H Hough Andrews
        HJ Starc Szalek
        JAV McEntyre Stein

        100 Quirk Pasternatsky Taddeo Carroll
        400 Oboye O'Grady Rubie BEER Carli LIND Thornton
        100H Jenneke Taddeo Breslin
        HJ McDermott Burnett
        JAV Little BELL

        Shame that there is still no sight of Dani Stevens or Eleanor Patterson.

        In Perth on Friday night, Sasha Zhoya will run in the 100m & 110H.

        Entry lists for the Canberra Classic next Thursday are also up featuring:

        100 Browning Hale Penny Omuvwie Doran Romanin Holdsworth Bresland Ius Azzopardi OSEI-NKETIA NZL
        400 Solomon Beck Gunn Boulton
        800 Bol Deng Lunn Mathews Riseley Stenson Williamsz
        110H Hough Andrews McCorry Diamond
        400H Fry Proudfoot Collins FRENCH NZL
        HJ Starc Baden Miers Fassinotti
        LJ Frayne Mitrevski Smith Andrews Freyer Branco
        JAV McEntyre O'Brien Lowis

        100 Basic Anang Day Mucci Quirk Lane Edwards Fighera
        400 Oboye O'Grady Rubie-Renshaw
        800 Bisset Kaan Thornton-Bott
        1500 Hall Small Stewart
        100H Clay Jones Mucci Beahan Jenneke Taddeo
        400H Boden Klein Cowie
        HJ McDermott Burnett
        LJ McGuire Harper Clark
        JAV Barber Little Bell Mielzcarek Robberts

        Hopefully not too many withdrawals as some of these fields look pretty darn good. No heats of the sprints so some of those boys will be running in the B race.

        ETA - full lists -
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        • Nothing too exciting at the opening session of the NSW Champs tonight. Steve Solomon again a non-starter.

          100 h1(0.9) Kamara 10.72 Roberts DQ h2(2.5) Ius 10.55 h3(0.7) Holdsworth 10.74 h4(0.3) Penny 10.60 h5(1.9) Azzopardi 10.73
          h6(1.9) Bate 10.75 h7(0.8) Coorey-Ewings 10.80 h8(0.8) Hanna 10.82 h9(0.7) Browning 10.31
          400 h1 Gunn 47.84 h2 Halpin 48.27 h3 Stenmark 48.27 h4 Sarmento 49.03 h5 Atkinson 49.69
          1500 h1 Austin-Cray 3-49.20 h2 Palfrey 3-49.11 h3 Ryan 3-53.51
          HJ Starc 2.19m Fassonotti ITA 2.16m

          100 h1(1.2) Quirk 11.64 h2(2.7) Pasternatsky 11.61 h3(2.7) Laurance (b03) 11.88 h4(0.6) Power 12.29 h5(2.2) Stoilova(b05) 11.92
          400 h1 Oboye 54.40 h2 O'Grady 55.01 h3 Rubie 54.46 h4 Beer 56.42
          1500 h1 Thornton-Bott 4-32.83 h2 Rand (b05) 4-28.79
          HJ McDermott 1.91m
          DIS Gollshewsky 55.90m Lally GBR 54.09m

          Seems a bit weird to have heats (of low quality) plus semis & finals in the 400s & 800s when the 200s with same size fields will just see heats and A/B finals.

          PERTH - 3 MAR
          100 (0.8) Zhoya FRA 10.45 Bresland 10.57
          1500 Graves 3-47.08
          PV Marschall 5.60m Armstrong 5.30m

          100 (0.6) Cruttenden 11.63 Beahan 11.70
          PV Kennedy 4.70m (3 misses at 4.82m) Parnova 4.40m
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          • ADELAIDE - 6 MARCH
            HAM (5kg) Carlin 71.72m

            PV Smallacombe 4.20m

            New PB for 17yo Jett. He still needs to improve his 6kg hammer PB by 2m if he wants to compete at the Nairobi WJC.

            Regarding other SA athletics families:
            - I'm guessing that 15yo PV'er William Mattinson is son of former Aust Jr Champion John (5.11m PB in 1990).

            - Masters athletes Scott & Melissa Hewett of Tea Tree Gully chose unusual names for their teenage High Jumper son Onesimus ('honorable') & daughter Tryphena ('delicate'). Three of the family medalled in the 2020 SA multi-event championships.

            BRISBANE - 6 MARCH
            400 Beck 46.00 Holder 47.45
            LJ Cowley 7.96m (1.9)
            JAV O'Brien 76.15m

            100 (-1.6) Matzer (b03) 11.82

            Great PB by Josh Cowley who's still a teenager for another week.

            SYDNEY - 6 MARCH
            100 s1 (2.0) Penny 10.38 Kumara 10.51 Jung 10.60
            100 s2 ( Ius 10.62 Coorie-Ewings 10.77 Azzopardi DQ
            100 s3 (1.5) Browning 10.30 Holdsworth 10.45 O'Neill 10.77 Bate 10.77
            400 s1 Gunn 47.60 Ratingen 47.90 s2 Halpin 46.40 Atkinson (b03) 47.24 s3 h3 Stenmark 47.04 Bell 47.33 Sarmento 47.52 Boulton 47.76
            SP Kolesnikov 19.35m
            JAV McEntyre 76.46m

            100 s1 (1.0) Pasternatsky 11.66 Carroll 11.88 Smee 11.94 Fuller 12.05
            100 s2 (1.1) Stoilova (b05) 11.94 Laurance (b03) 11.94 Wearne 12.00
            100 s3 (0.1) Quirk 11.60 McAndrew 11.93 Munro (b03) 12.02
            400 s1 Oboye 52.09 Beer (b03) 52.93 Ferrier (b02) 54.88 Thornton 55.08
            400 s2 Rubie-Renshaw 54.37 Hubbard 54.46 Guthrie (b03) 54.92 Burrell (b03) 55.48
            JAV Little 59.96m Davidson 54.64m Bell 52.08m

            Still the finals to look forward to a bit later tonight.
            - Good running by Oboye & Beer in the 400 sf; Rubie-Renshaw taking it much, much easier and saving herself for a big effort in tomorrow's final.
            - Browning not that quick in his 100 semi despite a good start and seemed to be giving near 100% in helpful conditions. Shame that Azzopardi was DQ'd for a flier - the guys had run maybe 40m before they were called back.
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            • Originally posted by Vault-emort View Post
              Shame that Azzopardi was DQ'd for a flier - the guys had run maybe 40m before they were called back.
              Live-stream commentators reporting that Azzo has been given a chance to run a solo 100m trial to get into the 100m final.

              ETA - apparently protest is still going but he was given chance to run a trial (he ran 10.8 something which is enough to make the final) while they make their decision.
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              • 100 (0.7) Browning 10.20 (9.41 NB at 100y) Penny 10.40 Azzopardi 10.44 Kamara 10.45 Holdsworth 10.46
                1500 Palfrey (b03) 3-47.21 Fryer 3-48.76

                100 (0.5) Quirk 11.50 (10.58 @ 100y) Pasternatsky 11.71 Laurance 11.89
                1500 Thornton-Bott 4-17.33 Campbell 4-18.36 Hogg 4-18.85
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                • *sigh* this posting ('flagged as spam') is getting old...

                  200 h1(1.2) Carroll 24.05 h2(2.3) Pasternatsky 23.79 h3(2.2) Quirk 24.54 h4(1.2) McAndrew 24.55 h5(1.6) Smee 24.12 Ferrier 24.17
                  200 A (1.6) Quirk 23.20 Pasternatsky 23.58 Carroll 23.80
                  400 Oboye 51.61 Rubie-Renshaw 53.28 Guthrie (b03) 54.56 Beer, Thornton & another 3 athletes DNS..
                  800 Hancock-Cameron (b02) 2-06.83
                  100H (0.9) Taddeo 13.12 Breslin 13.56 Jenneke DNS
                  400H Klein 57.78 Mate 59.84
                  LJ Clark 6.23m
                  HAM Hulley 59.71m

                  Bit of an upset in the men's high hurdles. Hough got a sluggish start and hit plenty of barriers. The wind picking up cost Andrews a big PB.

                  Huge 200m PB for teenager Monique Quirk and a 20cm PB in the LJ for young decathlete Sam Taylor some of the most notable improvements. At the other end of the spectrum, it's hard to believe Alex Hulley threw the hammer 69m just six weeks ago.

                  There may be some issues with the track event wind-readings. The above are taken from the official results but some did not match the readings displayed on the arena scoreboard as 'official' or announced by commentators.


                  • First part of above post to try and overcome the posting issue.:

                    SYDNEY - 7 MAR
                    200 h1(0.0) Azzopardi 21.44 h2(1.7) Bate 21.69 Kamara DNF h3(1.6) O'Neill 21.35 h4(-1.9) Roberts 21.53 h5(-2.3) Smith 21.56
                    200 A (-0.5) Azzopardi 21.03 Roberts 21.33 O'Neill 21.40
                    400 Halpin 46.51 Gunn 46.66 Van Ratingen 47.47
                    800 Quinn 1-49.83 Cohen 1-49.89
                    110H (2.6) Andrews 13.45 Hough 13.46
                    400H Fokas 51.87 Collins 52.13 Panozzo 52.77
                    LJ Freyer 7.58m (0.6) Diamond 7.56m (1.3) Taylor 7.45m (0.6)
                    HAM Heyes 65.45m


                    • The 2021 version of the Canberra Track Classic is taking place this Thursday 11 March 2021, a few days before the Sydney Track Classic on Saturday 13 March.

                      While a La NiƱa year has provided relief from drought conditions in SE Australia, it has caused more problems than usual for athletics. As a result, a bit of luck will be needed with the weather due to an unsettled week ahead. The forecast for Thursday has improved slightly from the weekend but still looks like it could be troublesome for a competition undertaken from 17:15 to 20:15.

                      Cloudy. Medium (50%) chance of showers. The chance of a thunderstorm in the afternoon and evening. Light winds becoming easterly 20 to 30 km/h during the day then tending southeasterly 15 to 25 km/h during the evening.
                      By contrast, Saturday in Sydney looks much better after having a similar rainy mid-week to Canberra. Will this contrast in potential conditions lead to no shows in Canberra?

                      Mostly sunny day. Slight (30%) chance of a shower, most likely later in the day. Light winds.


                      • Originally posted by El Toro View Post
                        By contrast, Saturday in Sydney looks much better after having a similar rainy mid-week to Canberra. Will this contrast in potential conditions lead to no shows in Canberra?
                        Oh! You're alive...

                        I'm not sure why they hold meets starting late afternoon or early evening in Canberra. It's only really January with a high chance of warm nights in the capital.

                        All this talk about 'fastest track in Australia' and they timetable dynamic events in what are likely to be cool conditions.

                        All the important meets here used to be held in the daytime so I'm not sure why they needed to change.


                        • Updated entries for Canberra - - now include A/B start lists.

                          A few names have disappeared including Liz Clay and (yet again) Steve Solomon.


                          • Sydney (13 Mar) entry lists are up and include:

                            200 Hartmann Romanin Azzopardi
                            800 Bol Lunn Mathas Deng Riseley Lunn Cohen Jeffreson
                            NC 5000 Gregson Ramsden McNeill Robinson
                            110H Hough Andrews McCorry
                            PV Marschall Downey Armstrong
                            DIS Cooper

                            200 Day Quirk Pasternatsky
                            300 Oboya Rubie-Renshaw
                            800 Hall Small Kaan Thornton-Bott
                            NC 5000 Batt-Doyle Adams Blundell Davies Gregson Pashley Seccafien CAN Thackery GBR
                            100H Clay Mucci Jones Taddeo Jenneke Breslin
                            400H Boden Klein Cowie
                            PV Kennedy Parnova Smallacombe Hyde-Cooling
                            DIS Stevens Gollshewsky Lally GBR

                            Let's hope Dani Stevens is not a withdrawal. Shame that Browning isn't in the 200.

                            Full List -


                            • It looks like Canberra could be unlucky with the weather this afternoon with the forecast for a 90% chance of rain in the 15 to 25mm range and still a chance of a thunderstorm this afternoon or evening. On the plus side, there will be light winds, so any times run should be legal and it's a reasonable 24C, 4 hours before the start..

                              The rain radars show a large band of showers heading this way and the band looks to be about an hour deep. It's front is at Yass, so it might get to CBR in an hour or so, which means that it might have passed before the meet starts at 5:15pm.


                              • Alexander Kolesnikoff (b.00) featured in a story on the main page

                                In January, he surpassed the 2004 NSW record of 19.42 held by Clay Cross with a throw of 19.51. According to the article, he has been in heavy training and, in fact, trained the very morning before he set the record.

                                He is down throw in Sydney on Saturday, so it will be interesting to see he has lightened his training load enough to move up from his current 7th place on the AUS all time list. He only needs 19.65 to surpass John Minns' former AUS NR and take fifth place. After that it gets a lot tougher, with an additional metre required to advance just one more spot.