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  • And for Clare O'Brien in W10000m... finally lowering the time she set as a 19yo back in 2018 (the U20 NR)... 32:36.96.


    • Some of the early results from this weekend's Oceania invitational:

      DIS Denny 63.33m Bell NZL 61.33m

      PV Parnova 4.40m Kennedy DNS
      DIS Stevens 59.99m Lally GBR 57.97m


      • And the only other event on the Gold Coast today:

        PV Marschall 5.70m Dubler 5.00m Vincent 4.80m Georgilopoulos 4.70m Golubovic 4.70m ret Moloney 4.60m


        • What's Bisset doing on the Oceania International entry list if she's in Europe?


          • Originally posted by rhizobium View Post
            What's Bisset doing on the Oceania International entry list if she's in Europe?
            She was on the entry list for last week's 800m too. It may have been a late decision of hers to travel overseas (maybe after getting vaccinated). They don't do a good job of updating the start-lists

            The field for tomorrow's race is supposedly:

            1 Hall, Linden Australia
            2 Hollinsworth, Claudia Aus U20
            3 Ryan, Matilda Aus U20
            4 Landen, Shanie Isarel
            5 Caldwell, Abbey Australia
            6 McCormack, Bridget Australia
            7 Mitchell, Morgan Australia


            • Another fantastic run for Ky Robinson. His third AUS junior record of the past month. 8-32.01 for 6th at the NCAAs.

              Hopefully the start of a good day for Aussie athletes, no matter where in the world they're competing.

              ETA - and Charlie Hunter runs a good third in the 800m with an outdoor (though not absolute) PB.
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              • Improved runs but no Tokyo cigars for the relay teams:

                4x100 AUS A (Doran, Greig, Hale, Penny) 38.98 AUS B (Roberts, Hartmann, Despard, Azzopardi) 39.61 AUS U20 DNF

                4x100 AUS A (Cruttenden, Masters, Day, Basic) 43.11, AUS B (Lane, Fighera, Owusu, Anang) 43.98 AUS U20 (Matzer, Dunne, Stoilova, Lewis) 45.65


                • 66.15m PB for Matt Denny in the disc.


                  • Originally posted by Vault-emort View Post
                    66.15m PB for Matt Denny in the disc.
                    With rounds left to go I think. 64.37, 66.15 for first two rounds


                    • Results feed here:


                      • 110H (-2.5) Andrews 13.95 Hough 13.97

                        100 (2.9) Jones 12.97 Taddeo Mucci

                        100A (2.7) Day 11.18 Basic 11.20


                        • Swirling wind? -2.5 to +2.9

                          Surely the didn't run men down opposite straight


                          • Men's hurdlers ran the 'normal' way. Reversed for women (and all flat sprinters).

                            Only one legal race (the men's B) I think.
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                            • Another upset in the 100s:

                              100 A (3.0) Hale 10.22 Penny 10.34 Greig 10.34 Osei-Nketia NZL 10.34 Doran 10.38
                              100 B (1.2) Roberts 10.52 Asim 10.61

                              Mixed 4c4
                              AUS A (Oboye, Rubie, Gunn, Beck) 3-17.00
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                              • 800 Bol 1-44.62 - a fine run in these windy conditions