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  • Australian A/T Top 10 Steeplechase (2021 performances in CAPS) plus a couple more from 2021:

    8-16.22 Creighton
    8-16.36 Abdi
    8-21.98 O'Brien
    8-22.62 CLARKE
    8-22.85 Nowill
    8-24.39 BUCKINGHAM
    8-24.48 Unthank
    8-24.54 Dent
    8-26.2m Manning
    8-26.25 TRIPPAS

    8-30.13 NIPPERESS
    8-32.01 ROBINSON

    This comes after Matthew Clarke's 10 second PB in Townsville today.

    PB for Feain-Ryan (now A/T #7) & Erbacher (A/T #10) in the women's event too:

    Feain-Ryan 9-36.35 Winkcup 9-39.27 Erbacher 9-40.59
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    • Clarke misses OG qual by 0.62s


      • Nothing too flash out of Townsville so far today:

        100 h1 (2.2) Hale 10.34 Despard 10.63
        100 h2 (2.1) Penny 10.43 Doran 10.61

        100 (1.7) Hobbs NZL 11.36 Masters 11.58
        JAV Little 60.46m Peeters NZL 60.15m Mitchell 57.66m


        • 100 (1.5) Hale 10.33 Penny 10.39 Doran 10.57
          400 Beck 46.63
          PV Moloney 4.90m Marschall NH

          100 (0.9) Hobbs NZL 11.32 Masters 11.53
          400 Oboye 52.62 Hubbard 53.54
          1500 Caldwell 4-12.00
          PV Parnova 4.30m
          LJ Kaputin PNG 6.42m (0.0)
          DIS Stevens 59.92m Lally GBR 54.80m

          Funnily enough, the NBC commentator who I was asking about in the USOT forums had a local story on him published a few weeks ago -


          • The Canberra Times today (Saturday) had on article on Lauren Boden and her hoping she still stays high enough on the ranking list for the cutoff in two weeks in order to make it to Tokyo. She said she and MattyB had taken a risk in order for her to have a better peak in Tokyo.

            She also said she was running a 400H on Friday up north, looking for a fast time. Did that happen or have they moved the competition?

            Paywall article:


            • Originally posted by El Toro View Post
              She also said she was running a 400H on Friday up north, looking for a fast time. Did that happen or have they moved the competition?
              She wasn't in yesterday's race, won in slow time by Kiwi Portia Bing.

              Couple of the decath boys had a good two days of comp though: Can't get their HJ performances to show up in the results though.

              Golubovic 8223
              11.21 (0.0), 6.87m (1.3), 14.69, ??, 49.54
              14.36 (2.1) 51.26m, 4.90m, 62.83m, 4-25.60

              Diamond 8000
              11.07 (0.0), 7.74m (1.1), 14.28m, ??, 49.44
              15.03 (2.1) 47.73m, 4.80m, 50.98m, 4-46.51


              • HJ would be Golubovic 1.95 and Diamond 2.01 if my calculations are correct.


                • Lazy me knew I could leave it to some other nerd(s)

                  With next year's WC & Comm Games being held so close together, having four decathletes over 8000 means we could have chances of medals in both events (send 2 to WC, 2 to CG*). That's something we probably didn't think we would be saying even a year ago.

                  Golobovic's big PB takes him to 11th in the world for 2021 though there are likely to be some big scores around the globe this weekend. Diamond ranks 32 for the year.

                  In Australian A/T rankings, Dan is now #5 and Alec #9

                  There was another big PB in the U20 event at Townsville; Liam Gilbert improving from 7132 to 7536.

                  ETA - * maybe Moloney could do Dec at WC and go to Comms as a relay runner
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                  • Nothing too exciting from Townsville this morning:

                    200 (-0.7) Asim 21.24
                    110H (-2.2) Andrews 13.95 Hough 13.96
                    SP Birkinhead 20.16m

                    200 (-1.1) Day 23.56
                    100H (-2.2) Jones 13.16 Beahan 13.24 Mucci 13.28 Taddeo 13.65
                    800 Mitchell 2-07.58

                    Mixed 4x4
                    AUS A (Rubie Beer Gunn Beck) 3-17.12
                    AUS G (Hubbard Oboya Moloney Brad Taylor) 3-42.53)


                    • Improved conditions for second runs:

                      200 (0.6) Asim 21.14 Hartmann 21.30

                      200 (1.0) Day 23.11 Coates 24.00


                      • Originally posted by Vault-emort View Post
                        Improved conditions for second runs:

                        200 (0.6) Asim 21.14 Hartmann 21.30

                        200 (1.0) Day 23.11 Coates 24.00
                        Day's time is her third best all time. Times in raw order with corrected times (in brackets):

                        2018 22.93 -1.7 (22.77)
                        2021 22.77 +2.0 (22.95)
                        2021 23.11 +1.0 (23.19)
                        2021 23.22 +0.8 (23.28)


                        • Only 9 days to go to Olympic qualification cut-off date (for most). I'll be glad when we get there so we know what our team is likely to be.

                          Some that look likely to make it look in dubious form though. And some of these relay qualifying chances look to have been curious fails (eg why not put Australia's fastest 400m woman into the 'A" mixed 4x4 squad?).

                          Still not sure how some of these relay qualification attempts have been considered (unless WA has given AUS some kind of exemption that times don't have to have been achieved vs at least one other national team).
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                          • Super-fast 800 in Chorzow with 5 women sub-2, including Catriona Bisset, 2nd in 1:58.09 AR.

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                            • Overnight in Poland, Catriona Bisset broke the 800 AR (1.58.09), Jeff Riseley nailed the Tokyo qualiier in the men's 800 (1.44.85) and Eleanor Patterson continued her good high jump form with 1.96, with two unsuccessful attempts at 2.00.


                              • Plus:

                                D├ęcines-Charpieu, FRA - 19/6

                                1500 Edwards 3:34.31 (1st) Hunter 3:36.42 PB
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