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  • [QUOTE=typpo;n1702343]Interesting to see how they'd go in a tactical race with a last-lap kickdown if that's what happens in Tokyo.

    Well, Edwards got swamped at the end, losing 2nd place and nearly losing more placings.


    • McSweyn wouldn't fair well in a sit and kick race either.


      • Originally posted by rhizobium View Post
        McSweyn wouldn't fair well in a sit and kick race either.
        Even though he faded a bit in the last 50 in Oslo, Edwards might actually cope best with a less-even pace out of the three (assuming Hoare will be selected too) - he worked his way into this race and was close to the back for most of the first half of it. I remember the way he ran McSweyn down at nationals too. McSweyn and Hoare have both run well this season in races with an even pace. Last night was 56/57/57/58 I think. I just wonder how they'll go in a race with someone who'll look to slow it down from the front and back their closing speed a la Centrowitz.
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        • Brian Roe posted the 1500m splits on twitter:

          McSWEYN Stewart (AUS) 3:32.92

          EDWARDS Jye (AUS) 3:33.67:


          • Originally posted by typpo View Post

            She's safely inside the roll-down quota and should get selected in the 800 after running 2.01.9 the other week. I think she missed the domestic season but she seems to be on the improve and might even snag one of the 4x400 squad spots with the lack of depth in the individual 400.
            A quick internet search for Morgan Mitchell Injury got this snippet:

            Four months ago, Morgan Mitchell couldn't run. Nor jog for that matter. Even walking was a challenge. "It was an achilles injury — an inflamed achilles," the 800m runner said.
            She only started competing in June and has dropped her times substantially, see below. I assume that her time in a mixed race counts for qualification purposes?

            05 JUN 2021 2:08.32
            12 JUN 2021 2:05.55
            20 JUN 2021 2:07.58
            24 JUN 2021 2:03.81
            29 JUN 2021 2:01.92 MIX


            • Originally posted by El Toro View Post

              I assume that her time in a mixed race counts for qualification purposes?
              No, they never do in track events, but this race was just a fitness test, anyway.


              • Australian team announced tomorrow. Lauren Boden has accepted that she likely won't be in Tokyo.


                • Originally posted by Vault-emort View Post
                  Australian team announced tomorrow. Lauren Boden has accepted that she likely won't be in Tokyo.

                  Copy and paste of my post in the National Team Announcements thread:

                  Australia selects 63 athletes for third largest ever team behind 2000 (87) and 1956 (75). Nic Bideau is most successful coach with 7 athletes on the team and only 8 other coaches with 2 or 3 athletes.



                  • AA have a couple of errors in their press release as at the time of my post. They have Oliver Hoare listed in the 15,000m [sic] should be 1500 and they have Charlie Hunter in the 1500 when he qualified in the 800m.

                    Only two athletes are nominated for two events:

                    Bendere Oboya 400 and 4x400
                    Patrick Tiernan 5000 and 10000

                    Victoria dominates the number of athletes in the team while the NT misses out altogether:

                    VIC 23
                    NSW 19
                    QLD 13
                    WA 4
                    ACT 2
                    TAS 1
                    SA 1

                    Here's the list of coaches with more than one athlete in the team:
                    Nic Bideau 7
                    Paul Burgess and James Fitzpatrick 3
                    Brent Vallance 3
                    Alex Stewart 2
                    John Nicolosi 2
                    Eric Brown 2
                    Peter Fortune 2
                    Dick Telford 2
                    Justin Rinaldi 2
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                    • No real surprises. Somehow Solomon & Carli must have passed a fitness test.


                      • Here's list of the youngest and oldest athletes in the team. The odd ones out are Henderson and Hayward in the 20km walk, usually the preserve of more mature athletes and Mitchell in the JT, the only power athlete surrounded by distance runners/walkers.

                        Ellie Beer 18-181
                        Rebecca Henderson 19-364
                        Katie Hayward 20-345
                        Bendere Oboya 21-77
                        Bendere Oboya 21-77
                        - -
                        Liam Adams 34-302
                        David McNeill 35-178
                        Kathryn Mitchell 38-358
                        Lisa Weightman 42-168
                        Sinead Diver 44-136

                        A more detailed age profile showing that the men have a much tighter spread of ages:

                        Age(y) F M Grand Total
                        18 1 1
                        19 1 1
                        20 1 1
                        21 3 1 4
                        22 2 2
                        23 1 3 4
                        24 6 3 9
                        25 3 3 6
                        26 4 3 7
                        27 4 3 7
                        28 2 2
                        29 2 2 4
                        30 1 2 3
                        31 3 1 4
                        32 1 1
                        33 1 1
                        34 2 2
                        35 1 1
                        38 1 1
                        42 1 1
                        44 1 1
                        Total 35 28 63


                        • In Oslo, 34 year old David McNeill continued his renaissance with a 7:39.43 PB for 8th place.

                          This made him only the 5th AUS runner under 7:40, leapfrogging 13 runners on the all time list to land at #5 ahead of luminaries such as Creighton, Troop, Gregson, Ramsden and Andrew Lloyd.

                          It was a huge drop from his previous best of 7:46.41 set back in April this year.


                          • HEUSDEN-ZOLDER - 3 JUN
                            1500 Ramsden 3-34.08 (2nd) Gregson 3-43.00 (11th) Blake 3-46.12 (12th)

                            New PB for Ramsden. Guess he has nothing to lose in the rest of his Euro competitions.


                            • And of course, another WHJ NR for McDermott of 2.01 in Stockholm. Three attempts at 2.03 also.

                              Patterson =SB 1.96 with three attempts at 1.99

                              Aussie Record moves to = 16th best in world. The list:

                              BUL 2.09

                              SWE 2.08i
                              CRO 2.08

                              RUS 2.07
                              GER 2.07i

                              RSA 2.06
                              UKR 2.06i

                              BEL 2.05
                              USA 2.05

                              CUB 2.04
                              ITA 2.04i

                              GRE 2.03
                              ROU 2.03i

                              ESP 2.02
                              POL 2.02i
                              NOR 2.01
                              LTU 2.01i

                              Breaks tie with BLR, SLO, HUN, KAZ on 2.00


                              • Our male record-holder competes tonight in the Gyulai Istvan meet.