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  • Which Aussie message board?


    • Originally posted by Vault-emort View Post
      But wow - can't even remember Pat Johnson running a 300. I can recall plenty of minutiae from the 70s & 80s off the top of my head but a performance less than 20 years ago has dropped off my radar completely. #oldtimers
      That race in Geelong comprised the entire rankings list that year! Everybody ran a PB, highlighting the events rarity but only Batman and Wroe ever ran faster. Seeing that Batman ran another PB the next December, it might have been a standard part of their training program.

      33.11 PB Johnson
      33.19 PB Batman (32.71 15/12/07)
      33.23 PB Wroe (33.12 16/07/07)
      33.72 PB Ormrod


      • Originally posted by Vault-emort View Post

        I agree AA squanders the cash. But LAA squanders much of the talent.
        A more positive assessment of the outcome and potential for progress from Inside Athletics:

        There's a link in the article to a pre-vote analysis done on the potential benefits of the merger.

        He cites Cycling Australia's recent streamlined administration as an advantage over athletics. Background in this Guardian Australia article.

        Luckily, cycling had a poor OG this year, making it easier to claim any return to trend as being the result of the merger. 😜


        • Glynis Nunn Shield & Oceanian/Qld Multi-Events Championships are on at Brissie this weekend.

          Can't find info on whether Ash Moloney, Cedric Dubler or any of our other top multi-guys & girls will be there but start lists will probably be up tomorrow. As an Area Championships, Category B event, it will help with world ranking points.


          • BOX HILL- 16 DECEMBER

            800 Sandford 2-03.06
            1500 Caldwell 4-08.02 Hancock-Cameron 4-11.93

            PB for Elly Sandford helping increase the depth in AUS W800 running. And Abbey Caldwell doesn't miss her's by much. Young Claudia Hollingsworth did some pretty fast pacing in the 1500 - looking forward to her running an individual race soon.


            • Aidan Murphy is not in the startlists for tonight's Adelaide Christmas Twilight meet but in exciting news (for me, anyway..) his 20yo sister Melarn is down for the 150 & 300m. She has only run four races in two years, and was nowhere near her best so it will be interesting to see what her form is like.

              Kiwi Eddie Osei-Nketia is listed to run in Canberra tomorrow too.
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              • Sadly, at the Oceania Decathlon, Daniel Golubovic is the biggest name entered in a senrior field of only five. Tanielle Crases heads a similarly poor Heptathlon field.

                Jacob Despard has headed up from Melbourne to take on Hartmann, Doran and others in the 100 & 200m.

                Bree Masters returns to competition vs Connolly and Lewis in women's sprints.


                • Nothing exciting for Melarn with a 3rd in the 150 (19.26) & a 2nd in the 300 (41.81) but I'm pleased she's back on the track as she has some talent in her legs.


                  • Good conditions saw a slew of PBs around the tracks today:

                    BRISBANE - 18 DECEMBER

                    HEP 100H (0.4) Crase 13.74
                    HEP HJ Crase 1.78m Solley 1.72m Harrison (b03) 1.72m
                    HEP SP Crase 11.84m
                    HEP 200 (1.9) Crase 24.57

                    DEC 100 (-1.3) Golubovic 11.03 Gilbert (b02) 11.11
                    DEC LJ Golubovic 7.22m (1.3) Gilbert 7.04m (0.2)
                    DEC SP Golubovic 14.86m Gilbert 13.94m

                    100 (0.4) Despard 10.38 Taib MAS 10.51 Rucker 10.55 Doran 10.56 Hartmann 10.59
                    100 (1.0) Miers 10.60

                    100 (1.5) Connolly 11.27 Lewis (b05) 11.33 Reynolds (b03) 11.63

                    Taneille Crase, with PBs in each individual event, leads the HEP (3546). Daniel Golubovic also hit some PBs and leads young Liam Gilbert in the DEC after 3 events.

                    Ella Connolly starred in the sprints again but 16yo Torrie Lewis sliced a huge 0.22 off her 100m PB. That's the third-ranked U18 performance in the world for 2021. Can she challenge Raelene Boyle's long-standing junior records? Could she AND Ella both break 23 seconds in tomorrow's 200m showdown?

                    A well-trained Queensland squad could probably threaten the 4x1 AR.

                    High Jumper Oscar Miers shows he has inherited some of his Mum's 100m speed, taking over half a second off his PB.

                    SYDNEY - 18 DECEMBER

                    100 (1.2) Roberts 10.44 Ius 10.51 Holdsworth 10.51 King 10.54 Sultana (b05) 10.64

                    100 (1.0) Carroll 11.70 Healey 11.71 Power 11.74
                    100H (-0.1) Taddeo 13.43

                    Young Sebastian Sultana who has only been competing for a year took a quarter of a second off his 100m PB. He recently ran a windy 10.57.

                    GEELONG - 18 DECEMBER

                    100 (0.2) Grandine 11.59

                    Sprint conditions weren't so good down south with Jack Hale winning a 200m in a slow 22.65. Understandable given the formidable -7.6 headwind at Epping.

                    Some results still to come.


                    • Originally posted by Vault-emort View Post
                      Kiwi Eddie Osei-Nketia is listed to run in Canberra tomorrow too.

                      In what I'm assuming was just a pre-Christmas rust buster, young Edward won in 10.53 +0.8 at the Woden track. I'm not sure what the facility record is. Thus endeth my interest in ACT results.

                      [edit to add:]A quick look indicates the two fastest times at Woden are both from this year:
                      10.34 +0.3 Jack HALE 20 FEB 2021
                      10.53 +1.9 Will ROBERTS 06 NOV 2021
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                      • Originally posted by El Toro View Post

                        In what I'm assuming was just a pre-Christmas rust buster, young Edward won in 10.53 +0.8 at the Woden track. I'm not sure what the facility record is.
                        Yes, I imagine that's it. He's probably the fastest sprinter to ever race there in the dozen or so meets ever held there.


                        • Supplementary results:

                          DEC HJ Golubowic 2.00m Gilbert 1.94m
                          DEC 400 Golubowic 48.58

                          PBs in the 100 (into the wind), LJ, HJ & 400 sets Daniel up for an attack on his 8223 PB tomorrow. He leads after D1 with 4185.

                          Hepthathlete Tenneile Crase is also on target for a big PB and even has a chance at getting close to 6000.

                          200 (0.7) Ius 21.23 Gunn 21.33

                          200 (0.7) Carroll 23.65


                          • Originally posted by Vault-emort View Post
                            Hepthathlete Tenneile Crase is also on target for a big PB and even has a chance at getting close to 6000.
                            Second day does not seem to have been at the same standard as Day 1, finishing with 5773, still a big PB by 447 points. Details not yet published and no live results I could see - even ACT does a better job, at least when they actually complete all events...

                            1. Taneille Crase, 5773
                            2. Tiana Solley, 5110
                            3. Amber Nyssen (17), 3208

                            [edit to add: found the live link on the Competition page, not the Results page. ]
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                            • Daniel Golubovic easily takes the Oceania title with a new PB of 8336, a solid gain on his June PB of 8223. While the first six events this weekend were ahead of June, he dropped big points in the DT and JT, blocking the chances for a 8400 score. Still, he should be very happy with his progess and bonus points for Oceania.

                              The rest of the field was way below Golubovic with 2nd place going to Liam Gilbert 7255 and Martin Clark 6981.



                              • Mention of the potential for a 6000 Heptathlon caused me to consider that since Kylie Wheeler set her lifetime best of 6369 for 9th in the Beijing Olympic final, Australia has struggled in this event with only four athletes over 5,800 and one of those just over 6000. The PBs of those athletes are:

                                6028 Tori WEST QSAC 16 FEB 2020
                                5915 Celeste MUCCI Gold Coast 13 APR 2018
                                5835 Alysha BURNETT Taipei City 27 AUG 2017
                                5832 Megan WHEATLEY Melbourne 15 APR 2012

                                There is a substantial gap to Australia's best from yesteryear with only 4 making the WA alltime list (>= 6200):

                                6695 Jane FLEMMING Auckland (NZL) 28 JAN 1990
                                6387 Glynis NUNN-CEARNS Los Angeles 04 AUG 1984
                                6369 Kylie WHEELER Beijing 16 AUG 2008
                                6354 Jane JAMIESON Kuala Lumpur 17 SEP 1998

                                There is only one other athlete between Tori West and Jamieson and that is Sharon Jaklofsky with her 6118w back in 1989.

                                The 4 in the WA list puts AUS at less than half the numbers of a much smaller country such as NED but much better than ITA which has none! What's up with that?

                                Some select countries:

                                GER 31 (since reunification)
                                USA 25
                                RUS 22 (since USSR/URS)
                                NED 9
                                FRA 8
                                GBR 7
                                POL 6
                                FIN 6
                                BEL 4
                                CAN 4
                                LAT 3
                                SWE 2
                                NOR 1
                                IRL 1
                                ITA 0
                                RSA 0