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  • WC Women's HJ

    Babakova just got eliminated in qualifying! Three misses at 1.91; thirteen others have already cleared it, and at least best 12 advance.
    "Run fast and keep turning left."

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    Re: WC Women's HJ

    There are indeed thirteen still in the running, attempting the auto-qualifier height of 1.93.
    Including Amy Acuff.
    The ONLY way Acuff gets eliminated from the finals is if EVERYBODY else clears 1.93 and she does not. She had a perfect record of four 1st attempt clearances at all lower heights.
    That's now a moot point because Acuff just cleared on her 2nd try, so she's "in".


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      Re: WC Women's HJ

      Yeah, Amy!!!!


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        Re: WC Women's HJ

        It's gonna be

        and then Amy has a shot at 3rd but she may have to match her PB or go at least 1.99. How does this season stack up to her previous ones?


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          Re: WC Women's HJ

          This is Acuff's best season in many, many years, and quite possibly her best ever.


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            Re: WC Women's HJ

            Stupid-stupid decision by the officials to make 13 jump at one more height just to eliminate 1.

            And too bad the athletes themselves weren't more in touch (like the men in Rome '87, when Patrik Sjöberg--as i recall--led a "boycott" at jumping higher when it wasn't needed). There were, i think, 8 who had perfect records through 1.91. They simply should have all passed at 1.93, since they couldn't fail to advance basedon the numbers at that point.

            You have no idea how badly we wanted to blurt that out over the microphone, but we thought better of it.