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Hey Garry, you owe El G...


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  • Hey Garry, you owe El G...

    ...a slice of pizza and a coffee for T&FN's disbelief he wouldn't double.
    Actually, you "owe" him nothing, but offer dinner anyway. The guy was really nice at the Pre meet a few years ago. Plus he's so skinny. He must not have much money to buy food.

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    Re: Hey Garry, you owe El G...

    Hey, we left him in the formchart didn't we?!

    I (personally) owe him more props than I've given him the past before, hinting he was just a rabbited-race runner. He grabbed the field by the short ones the other night and took them all to town. He's definitely a mensch.


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      Re: Hey Garry, you owe El G...

      I must admit that I was a huge doubter. I didn't believe El G would run until I saw him warming up for the 5000 heats. I tip my hat to him for setting up an amazing duel with Bekele.